Master Pokemon was released in August 2019 and had many of the same functions as Masters Pokemon Ex As we know, this is today. The first anniversary of the game was announced a big update, which gave her many new features and additions that changed many aspects of the game.

Because of this, Dena, developers Masters Pokemon decided to change the name of the game on Master Pokemon Ex .

So, in short, Master Pokemon Ex is the same as Pokemon Masters . It is important to note that the original Master Pokemon is no longer available for the game and can not be installed again Store or Google Play Store .

???? Scout 10 Sync Pairs per Day for 10 Days! | Pokémon Masters EX
When you try, you will immediately be asked to install Masters Pokemon Ex .

Any event or synchronization pairs that could be available during the release Pokemon Master are also no longer available. Some of these events were returned with capital improvements to match the more new one Master Pokemon Ex update, but you will need to wait until they are released.

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