Cyberpunk 2077 ” The digital version of the artbook attached to the limited edition is Free viewing is possible on the browser for all game buyers .

120 Page + Reward Additional In this Art Book, this artbook starts with four style introductions at the root of Night City Residents, introduction of each district, V, Johnny’s clothes, accessories of accessories, and introduction of accessories, You can check the details set in detail in detail to the car.

Also, this digital version of artbook contains various interactive elements. As an example, the areas of NPC and unique environmental sound of the district are played in the district introduction, and it is possible to recall the scene of nightcitity but also from the viewpoint of hearing. And by collecting all stickers affixed on the artbook, you can access additional pages that will be rewarded.

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“Cyberpunk 2077” browser version digital artbook can be viewed on the browser by performing account linkage (games) from the URL for browsing. In the case of a home-based game machine, it is necessary to cooperate with the GOG account from “My Rewards” in the game.