This Friday, inexplain will be released exclusively in theaters, and Mark Wahlberg plans to attend. The actor of Victor «Sully» Sullivan recently appeared in Jimmy Kimmel in Vivodonde He spoke of all things inexplate. Kimmel joked saying that the theater attendees in the Los Angeles area could meet Wahlberg during the projections, and the actor admitted that he plans to attend to see the reactions in person. Wahlberg continued saying that he had already done this in the past and that he will stop to thank the public for his time if they liked the movie. If not… well, that’s another story!

“I can tell you something: on Friday, I’ll go to random cinemas around Los Angeles, because I want to see the reaction to the movie. You know, we used to do that all the time. Every time I had a premiere movie, you wanted to go to the movies, see if people are waiting in the row to go see it, enter the movie a little. If it goes well, you upload and say later, thanks to the people to come. If not, you run away through the door, “Wahlberg joked.

Wahlberg has been hired to star in an _inexplete film that dates back to 2010. The actor originally intended to play the star of the Nathan Drake series, but aged and left the paper, since the development of the film lasted. Drake is the main character of the PlayStation Games, while Sully serves as a mentor from the fortune hunter. Wahlberg continued saying that viewers who are not familiar with videogames will not have to worry about getting lost.

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“The best thing about this is that it is such a good and old movie. It’s like Indiana Jones, it’s an adventure in which you can continue. She is funny. It is based on a videogame, but you do not have to have played the video game. This is for the whole family, so I’m excited. “

Inexplate will be released at the cinemas on Friday, February 18. Readers can see all our previous coverage of the film here.

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