Halo Infinite was launched at the end of 2021 and was one of the most anticipated games of the year. Halo being free on PC and Xbox platforms with crossed game is a dream for most players. The game has been welcomed and many were satisfied with the product. 343 industries, the development team behind the title, announced that the mid-season update of the game will try to improve many major aspects of the game. These include networking, stability, performance And the anti-cheat. The team also hopes an exit on Thursday, February 23, 2022.

In terms of networking and desynchronization problem, the team worked on improving the problem and receiving data to target it. The goal is to improve online experience and reduce elastics. In addition, developers will improve campaign experiences as well as first-person animations.

Anti-cheat is one of the most important aspects of Halo Infinite, since it is free. The developers took note and improve it over time. In addition, there will be other updates of the stability and performance on consoles and PCs in the next updates. Fans are kindly requested to submit a ticket from any complaint to help the team. In addition, the range of the motion Tracker in Big Team Battle will move from 18 m to 24 m.

There are many more upgrades, improvements and upcoming updates on HALO INFINITE in the coming weeks. 343 Industries and Microsoft are clearly dedicated to the franchise.

Halo Infinite Big February Update Next Week | Halo Infinite News!

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