In Red Dead Redemption 2 there is a UFO, a giant, uncanny luminous pentagrams – and teleportation drawers. Only that the latter should not really give. While it is Easter Eggs for the first three points mentioned above, the developer team has not intended that Arthur flies through Nirvana if he is looking for items in dressers.

Clip shows teleportation drawer

It’s about it: Be it through coincidences or glitches – In Open World games, there is always uncomfortable situations and Rockstars Western epic is no exception. In the category “Glitches”, the scene that has shared a fan on Reddit and describes the following words:

Arthur opens a drawer that leads to another dimension. He should not have smoked this Sch ***.

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Arthur flies through nothing: The attached video is an impressive demonstration of the phenomenon. At first, everything looks normal: Arthur searches a room, opens a drawer… and is in the next moment in textless blue nothing. It gets even better than he hugs wildly in the empty room while we see the map in the distance. After all, he’s back on the floor and stands on a dirt road as if nothing had been.

Many fans are likely to be encountered this glitch. Curiously, he was still not patched out of the game, but at least continues to ensure amusement.

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Community reacts with mixed feelings

Bigevil621 calls a matching heading to this video in the comments:

Arthur Morgan and the multiverse of madness.

On the other hand, Lotussloth points to the giddished potential of Glitch, certainly with the ulterior motive that there are plenty of crazy secrets in Red Dead:

There are at least 3 places like these in the game (same result, other places). It would have been cool if they were intentionally built with goals like the pentagrams.

Jimstone100 does not find the whole thing to laugh, but annoys that bugs like this are still not patched. Finally, have passed over three years since the release of the game. Most fans amuse themselves in the comments, however, more or reports from their own experiences.

Have you ever telepported from a drawer to another place? Please tell us in the comments of it.