Lost Ark has many collectible items that can be found in various fields. However, none of them is so numerous as wet seeds. These little seeds look like fruit and have a green glow. Mococo Seeds can be found on many Lost Ark Islands.

All 5 Peyto Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark

Peito five mococo seeds. Players will need to find them to complete this island. As soon as the player finds seeds, just come to them and press G to gather them. That’s all the locations of Mokoko Seed on Peito.

Where to find all the wet seeds on Peito in Lost Ark

The first seed wet is easy to find. Just get to the main corridor of Peito and go right on the next corridor. You will find seed at the end of this path.

The next three seeds are mocoquo located on the Peito deel. One is located in the pool in the center of the ship, and the other at the Far End. Go through the doors at the main level of deck, and you will find yourself in a room with a seed. The fourth seed of Mococo is located near the stairs leading to the fifth floor.

The last seed of Mococo on Peito can be found in the cabin cabin. Go to the place marked on the map above, and you will find the last seed. Collect it, and you finish with the seeds of Moqooche Peito.

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