At least 200,000 players have noticed that Battlefield 2042 has truncated significantly worse for publication than expected. So high was the number of players signing a petition in which it was about to receive full refunds for Battlefield 2042.

For this, the shooter has reached a new low point on Steam and the player’s figures fall dramatically to zero.

Whether the following statements from the EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, had a response to the petition or have a different origin is unclear, but there are probably different causes of the state of the game:

“Our teams have worked from home two years. Unexpected performance issues occurred only during greater game sessions. “

‘And he gave to: “Some of our design decisions were not so good for everyone in the community.”

In any case, these were the reasons that have been publicly mentioned by the CEO. In a report that the video game industry insider Tom Henderson has written for the Xfire page, it became clear that behind closed doors was the guilt also wanted to look at other locations.

This report deals with a Meeting of EA DICE, here it says that EAS Chief Operating Officer Laura Miele has agreed to the CEO, but also some difficulties on the premature publication of the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode are due.

Henderson wrote: “After starting the game, DICE has released the patches for day 1 and day 0 to further reduce the number of errors. Miele continued and said that the start of Battlefield 2042 and the patches meant that the game was stable ‘and, the early critical recording was good’. ”

“According to EA, however, things took a turn, and this turn was… the surprising release of Halo: Infinite Multiplayer (I wish I would joke).”

“According to Miele, the comparison between the two games was not advantageous because Halo Infinite was a very polished title, while Battlefield contained 2042 bugs and was not so mature.”

Mieles opinion, you have cropped badly in the direct comparison of the two shooters. Halo Infinite should have been much better prepared, while Battlefield 2042 had to struggle with several bugs. Something like that remains unnoticed in players, nor unpunished.

EA Blames Battlefield 2042's Failure on Halo Infinite???
In the course of these news, Dice also announced that Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 was postponed from March 2022 to summer 2022 and the next update from February to early March.