Behaviour Interactive announced that “Ring Rising”, which gained an idea, a new chapter of “ Dead by Daylight “, and “Ring Rising”, which has been attached from the “ring”, which is a Japanese horror work, is delivered on March 9th. As Ayako is a murderer, Asakawa Yoichi who became an adult participates as a survivor. Also, prior to implementation, delivery of PTB (public test build) was started from February 16 in the STEAM version.

“Dead by Daylight” is an asymmetric multi-play match horror game that is divided into four living demons and four survivors. Since the launch of 2016, we are collaborating with various famous works in movies, games and drama series, but Japan’s Mystery Horror works are added as new chapters this time “Rose Rising” First.

The “Ring”, which is the series original, is a novel work of Mr. Koji Suzuki announced in 1991. It is a story over the mystery of “Curse Videos”, which will lead to death one week later. In 1998, it became a movie, and it became a big hit representing Japanese horror. In the United States, the Japanese version is published as “RingU” and has established itself as Japan Horror overseas, such as remake versions.

White clothes, long black hair, and the figure crawling from the well…. Speaking of Japanese horrors, there will be few people who think about the appearance of Yuko, who is the character of the same work. In the first released trailer, the quiet and horrible image is that the murderer, and it is drawn from the well and the old Brown tube television placed in the murderer. In addition, it is moved with noise like playing back video tape, and it does not have physical attacking means and kills people by “curse”, and survivors suffer in front of their eyes You can also check the scene that is just the side.

According to the distributed PTB, the special ability of Sako is “Fear Abbestle”. She can move instantly on a television that contains a power on the map, and to all survivors within 16 meters of TV, to kill a curse and collect a constant gauge It is possible. In addition, as a unique park, when the survivors are rescued from the hooks of agony, the aura of all other survivors visible “faulty hooks” and damage to the generator is usually from normal to 60 seconds Survival that is repairing the generator only once when the repair progression degree is retracted at a fast speed and the generator’s aura is visible 90%. There is a “storm of fury” where a skill check occurs continuously for the person.

In addition, survivors can temporarily turn off the television by the recovery action of the video tape, but the curse is given. It is possible to prevent the momentary movement of Yuko by turning off the TV, but you need careful not to accumulate. Furthermore, by inserting a video tape into a television in which the aura can view, the message of the spirits can be spread, in which case the degree of progression of the curse is retracted.

On the other hand, Ashikawa Yoichi, who will participate in the new survivor, is based on Mr. Koji Suzuki and the first film, and the adult life is drawn. When the movie version “Ring” appeared, he was a young child who focuses on the mother of the TV director who chased the mystery of the curse video. A new story will be spun with “Dead by Daylight” that has not been spoken so far.

According to PTB, Asakawa Yoichi’s unique park is a “father’s advice” and other survivors who have injured and injured with red scratch marks, blood and pain, and other survivors who have injured are hidden after a certain period of time. “Sense of sympathetic connection” that makes your aura visible, making quick status by making a toteem of grace, “Blessing: Primary theory”. As the only survivor who survived and survived the curse of Yuko, we will exert unique ability in the misty forest.

“Dead by Daylight” 5.6.0 and new chapter “Rising Rising” is delivered by PTB. In addition, information such as PTB may be changed in the future. See the official patch notes for other bug fixes. It is planned to be implemented on all platforms, including home game consoles from March 9th.