YouTube Channel Minnmax has published an interview with Mr. Chihiro Fujioka, director of former Square Osaka Development Department.

Mario RPGs And Director Chihiro Fujioka’s Life In Games - MinnMax Interview
Mr. Fujioka is the director of the Osaka Development General of the former Square, and is the director Development General of the Game Development Company Alpha Dream. He is currently the side of the music industry, and Mr. Hiroshi Hiroshi Sakaguchi, who works on the RPG “Fantasian” planner.

According to the interview, Mr. Mr. Fujioka said, “What is the time when the carrier has enjoyed the most enjoyable?” He answered “All” while making the face collapses. However, he had two favorite games, and he had the name of “Super Mario RPG” and “Tomato Adventure”, which he served as director.

“Super Mario RPG” When asked for an episode under development, he says that “writing code and created an event with a variety of actions,” says that it was a leader.. Especially the event “Wine River Down” was commented that Mr. Fujioka was involved in the first thing, “I want to play everyone”.

He also had Mario’s combating style, and Mario is “good to use swords and magic”, and “How to use a jump or hammer” was questioned. As a result, since the children were exposed to the latter, the current style was reflected in the final game. Mr. Miyamoto, Nintendo, who heard this story, said, “I was relieved”.

Mr. Fujioka says “I want to make it properly as a last one” in the sequel development of the same work. Unlike “Mario & Luige RPG” he said, he wants “Mario to adventure RPG with one person.”