Sewon I & Sei was released through the official YouTube channel ‘Sewon E & C Games’, which is a new line-up video such as a metabus NFT game.

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After entering the game publishing business, the first release, the first launch, “Gorgeong Arena” is stable through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and one-store.

It is expected to be a 52-year-old drama and a movie that will be produced as a movie and a movie. MMORPG, which utilizes the ‘Dragaza’ IP, the national representative fantasy novel, is also planning to launch global launches.

The ‘Metabus Project’ (Tentation) prepared by Sewon I & Sei is being developed by the Sandbox Games, and it will increase its access to developers and users’ accessibility and convenience worldwide in the existing sandbox game platform.

The block chain based ‘space w’ (tentative gentlemen) is developed as a SF MMORPG that enables a variety of spacecraft as a background to compete among users, and a P2E method that makes up the own planet.

The Sewon I & C officials will showcase a variety of genres, including authentic NFT games that apply this year, and RPG games, and continue to expand P2E games, “Mobile and PC platforms,” I said the achievement as a chain. “