The developer Lilith Walther has published today the EMAKE BLOODBORNE at PC , and you can download it through this link in

The development of it has been carried out, explains Walther in the Twitter account of it, for 13 long months until you get this adaptation of the game with a PSX style. And this style does not come only from the visual, but you can also perceive in your music, level design (with certain licenses to accommodate it at 32 bits) and even in the controls themselves, simulating a remote control of sticks like the one He accompanied the first PlayStation, with a mapping of buttons chosen with a lot of trade.

Here you have a video published a little over three months ago, where they already taught the first 10 minutes of the game, where you can see, even a bit of your particular character creator:

The Great Reception of the Gigantic Title of From Software takes time to talk, even seven years after its launch on PS4. And I do not talk about their long-awaited PC version, but constant modifications of the title that have passed through a mod published last August that it alters its camera to make it look at first person.

It is never a bad time to review the analysis of Bloodborne that my partner Víctor Martínez published back in April 2015, when Miyazaki and his team “returned to demonstrate his craft with an esoteric and dark RPG, the most dangerous and terrifying of his games »:

In Bloodborne all the pieces end up fitting. You talk to a friend who is also playing and gives you a key; You read a forum and discover another. You are tying Cabos, creating connections, forming theories; Like any great human creation, there are so many readings of Bloodborne as people approach him. The enthusiasm has a reason, yes. You want to play Bloodborne. It is the best game of Software so far; It is the adventure of Miyazaki where all the mechanisms are better greased. It is a superb video game, conscious, unabarcable . And so, The Hunt Begins Again.

Bloodborne PS1 Demake! Luke & Ellen vs 32-Bit Cleric Beast | Show of the Weekend

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