Internationals are currently only outside Europe, but national coach Hansi Flick and the national players can only relax.

Normally, everything would turn around Hansi Flick and the national team now. But the border break without international games in Europe ensures that the national coach remains on diving station in the World Cup year.

But what does not mean that he could complain about lack of work: Flick uses the calm before the storm and drives ahead in the hidden his title mission.

“It’s not that I have nothing to do now,” the national coach had already said at the end of the year, “We have much before.”

The ultimate goal is highly ambitious and now publicly communicates: the World Cup title on 18 December in the Finalstadion Lusail Iconic Stadium in front of the goals Dohas. “We want to come to the final. And we want to become world champion,” Stressed Flick.

Hansi Flick justifies “Special Training”

However, in order to triumph with Qatar at the first winter World Cup (21st November to 18 December), despite the seven victory start under his direction – still requires some fine-adjustments. On those who work flick and team already, even if the DFB selection comes together in March to meet the two test matches in Sinsheim against Israel and in Amsterdam against the Netherlands.

“We are not satisfied with what we see in the square,” said Flick, who presents the direction as a former title collector at Bayern Munich: “I know what is required.” The most important point is for him: use. His most important motto is: “National player is 365 days a year.”

So the national coach requires the professionals to do more between the courses than others. In the World Cup year, the project “Special Training” should start. Thomas Müller and the others are demanded and promoted via group or single coaching. Bayern-Profi Müller does not see the additional training as an annoying homework: “It’s about raising awareness to strengthen and weaknesses again and again.”

Flick with coaching team and exchange with beerhoff happy

Such statements like to listen. “With us, the focus is really very much on the potential we recognize,” said the 56-year-old of the Frankfurt general Sunday newspaper. He does not push the processes with forced, but about trust: “The players should know that they do things very well, they should feel our trust in order to make good decisions in printing situations.”

Flick wants to see even more personal responsibility of the players in the World Cup year, which offers numerous hardware tests such as the Nations League duels against the EM-Finalists England and Italy. They would have to draw the “players coach, draw their attention to what to do, and always in a positive way,” stated flick: “That’s not always easy, but we need more.”

Within the coaching team, this works very well, reported flick, “because that is not one-man show”. He is “happy” with the cooperation with his assistants and DFB director Oliver Bierhoff “happy”, they would be “security and confidence that we can fulfill this task”. Even if the work often remains in secret.