This week, speculations emerged that PlayStation was going to be delayed gran Turismo 7 in PS4 and PS5. Speculation began after a report that a press event for the game was canceled in the last second. This alone was already quite strange, but he raised some red flags since something very similar happened to The last of us part II before one of his delays. That said, it seems that the concerns were in vain.

Gran Turismo 7 In Danger Of Being DELAYED? - Looks Like It

On Twitter, Henderson, who transmitted the initial report mentioned above, Henderson revealed that the press event had been reprogrammed since then on February 3, and the delay was due to the producer of the Kazunori series Yamauchi wanted to be present in The event, which he could not be achieved with the previous date. To this end, Henderson points out that the release date of the March 4 game seems to remain in force.

“This event will now take place on February 3,” Henderson said. “Apparently, the reason for the delay was that Yamauchi wanted to be at the event to answer questions, but he could not be there for some reason. The March 4 launch seems to be happening! »

If there is a press event on February 3, we should listen more about the game that week or the next. And at this point, a delay seems very unlikely, since it would not organize a press event for a program scheduled to launch in a month if there was a delay in the cards, but of course, just because a delay is not on the table. Now it does not mean that this will remain true.

gran Turismo 7 is scheduled to launch around the world on March 4 through PS4 and PS5. Next, you can read more about the game:

“You are already a competitive or casual runner, a collector, a tuner, a cask designer or a photographer, find your line with an amazing collection of game modes that include the favorites of fans such as GT Campaign, Arcade and Driving School», it is read at an official launch of the game. «With the reintroduction of the legendary GT simulation mode, buy, adjust, compete and sell your way through a rewarding solo campaign while unlocking new cars and challenges. And if you love to face face to face with others, perfect your skills. And compete in GT Sport mode. With more than 420 cars available at Brand Central and in the car dealership used from the first day, Gran Turismo 7 recreates the appearance of classic motors and the latest generation supercar with incomparable details. Each car is handled differently. And it feels unique while navigating by more than 90 track routes under dynamic climatic conditions, including the classic courses of GT history ».