For the 1st FC Union, the home alliance against the table second Borussia Dortmund brings the largest top game on a total German level, where the Berliners are involved. In the 22nd game day, the Köpenicker go as a spreadsheet. Trainer Urs Fischer still brings this constellation rather moderately into product.

“We already had a lot of big games in front of the chest. I still see it that every Bundesliga game is a big step – because we come to the limit, spend a lot of spend a lot and to do almost everything right to score,” the Swiss said The press conference on Friday.

Positive tests over several days

The anticipation of the hit game, which is allowed to pursue around 9000 Union fans and 500 Dortmund under 2G-Plus conditions, but is deserted by four Corona cases at the home owners. Affected are the defenders Dominique Heintz and Niko Gießelmann, striker Andreas Voglsammer and replacement Torwart Jakob Busk.

Union has not announced this until the press conference on Friday. The positive tests were loud fishermen but over several days. On January 31 and 2 February, there were still individual messages about Covid-19 diseases of midfielder Grischa Prömel or defender Julian Ryerson. This was subject to the club this week.

MSV Duisburg vs. Borussia Dortmund II | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 25

This is right now.

Urs Fischer

Trainer Fischer considers the abundance of infections factually. “That’s right now. We are not the only ones who infect. For a long time we could really keep it away. There were other clubs harder. At the moment it’s the case that the boys infect,” Fischer said. “It is still necessary to invest the applicable provisions in the best possible way. A certain danger consists every day that you can infect somewhere.”

The staff blanket has become thinner, even because Sechser Rani Khedira saw the fifth warning at the last away game at FC Augsburg (0: 2). In addition, the use of offensive Keita Endo is questionable. The Japanese is crimping. But it should not be about Corona. A PCR test was negative, so fisherman.

The Dortmund team was able to conquer Union both 2019/20 (3: 1) and 2020/21 (2: 1) at home. Nevertheless, the Iron harvests meet the BVB with great respect, even if the last home game Bayer Leverkusen with 2: 5 defeated. “In the game with the ball you will find solutions again and again. They come into the depths and have speed. In the offensive area, they have many players who can solve situations individually,” Fishermen explained. “We know what to expect us. We have also shown one or the other time that it is possible to score against them.”