In the one-sided of the men’s medal decision. John Ludwig ticks the competition at the Olympics in Beijing live.

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Today, the Rodler now denies the runs three and four in the single-seater in the Olympics in Beijing. The German John Ludwig is after three runs on medal course. He leads to Wolfgang Kindl and Dominik Fischnaller. Also Felix Hole is still in Reich, he is fourth. Whether the Germans can sack the next medal today, you will learn in our live ticker.

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Toggle: One-seater of the gentlemen at Olympia 2022 in Beijing now in the live ticker – the top 10 after the third round

Toggle: Gentlemen at Olympia 2022

Place | Rodler | Time
1 | Ludwig | 2: 51.544
2 | Kindl (AUT) | +0.113
3 | Fish Naller (ITA) | +0.722
4 | Aparijods (Lat) | +0.816

2022 Winter Olympics kick off in Beijing (FULL show)
5 | Hole (ger) | +0.849
6 | Berzins (Lat) | +1.059
7 | Langenhan (GER) | +1.119
8 | Mazdzer (USA) | +2.054
9 | PAVLIGENKO (ROC) | +2.312
10 | Fielder (ITA) | +2.336

Tobogganing: Single of men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing now in the live ticker

Third pass stopped

The third run is through. The 20 best start from 14.15 clock. Will the overall tour of John Ludwig get the first gold for Germany? We know more.

Rail repaired

The train is continued again, keep it up. The Latent Artus Darzniek moves the same time in the third run and climbs in the overall standings in place 18. Only the best 20 go to the decisive fourth run.

Competition interrupted

In the starting area, the ice has solved at the red starting line. Currently the fourth run is interrupted.

Ludwig on gold course

Johannes Ludwig has expanded its leadership in the Olympic Rodel race and is only a run away from the gold medal. The total World Cup winner from Oberhof improved its own rail record on Sunday from the previous day to 57,043 seconds and leads the classification in the Yanqing Sliding Center after the third round before Austria’s ex-world champion Wolfgang Kindl. The lead is 0.113 seconds.

Hole falls back

Felix hole fell back to a position on fifth place (+0,849) and thus built no pressure on Dominik Fischnaller from Italy (+0,722) on the Bronzang. Hole residue on the pedestal grew to 0.127 seconds. New fourth is the Lette Crister Aparjods (+0,816).

Langenhan on top 10 course

The third German starter Max Langenhan (Friedrichroda) is located before the final passage four on the Sunday afternoon of German time (from 14.15 clock mez / 21.15 o’clock oz) as seventh (+1,119) comfortable on top ten course.

Tobogganing: One-seater of the men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: After yesterday’s first two runs, the runs are three and four today, and thus also the decision. At halftime, the German John Ludwig leads. Also Felix Loch still has chances for a medal, the record world champion is 0,382 seconds behind his compatriot. Second is the Austrian Wolfgang Kindl, in third place is Dominik Fischnaller from Italy.

Before starting: **** The toboggan competition goes at 12.30 clock (CET) with the 3rd run. The 4th and final run the athletes then complete at 14.15.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the medal decision in the sides of the gentlemen.

Tobogganing: Seats of the gentlemen at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today on TV and Livestream

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Toggle at the Olympics in Beijing: the schedule

Day Date Time (CET) competition
2 Sat., February 5 12.10 pm / 13.50 One-seater men (1st and 2nd run)
3 Sun., February 6 12.30pm / 2:15 pm One-seater men (3rd and 4th run)
4 Mo., February 7 12.50 pm / 2:30 pm One-seater women (1st and 2nd run)
5 Tue, February 8 12.50 pm / 2:30 pm One-seater women (3rd and 4th run)
6 Wed, February 9 13:20 pm / 14:35 Double seater
7 Thu, 10th February 14.30 Team season