HSV coach Tim Walter sent only five players with Vuskovic, Schlau, Rice, Kittel and Jatta from the beginning on the lawn, which stood in the start-up of the Cityby victory against FC St. Pauli (2: 1) in the starting eleven. In so unusual formation, the hanseates began a hit early.

HSV 1 Does Not Mean You Have Oral Herpes
After a misfight in the construction game Sisto switched quickly and placed the ball on the top right (7.). The HSV’s response was not long waiting for a long time, Jatta headed by Tittel-Flank (11th).

Five minutes deep sleep

Hamburg acted properly, but in the storm in the episode but not mandatory – and the HSV then fueled five minutes deep sleep. Isaksen with a fantastic Schlenzer (33.), Lind with a dry shot (35.) and again Isaksen after a Johansson Patzer (38.) brought the Danish leader with 4: 1 in the lead. An injury from Charles ended the first pass prematurely.

Chakvetadze debut

With new staff – also new access Chakvetadze was now on the square – the HSV that defended Danes but sent. Rather, Junior Brumado increased. The hamburgers bite further the teeth and could not develop any big opportunities. It remained at the 1: 5.

“A used day”

“We did not do it today,” said coach Walter, “but have not used our chances and invited the opponent to goals. We wanted to win the test match, but it was a used day.”