Sony has recently announced to buy the game publisher and developer bungie. Still, the deal with a volume of more than 3 billion US dollars is not over the stage, but there are two important things. Bungie will also remain independent after the desired acquisition and will continue to develop games for other platforms.

The main expertise of bungie are shooters, which protrudes the gunplay, especially the Halo and the Destiny series. So you can see what bungie will develop in the future under the Sony flag. Strong shooter franchises, however, still has Sony even. However, in the drawer and some of them have received no new part for ten years or more.

Four brands, a question

Active Shooter Preparedness Survey: Key Findings & Best Practices

Not a few would wish a comeback of one or the other shooter on the PlayStation, and that’s why we ask you now: Which sleepless shooter franchise from Sony should be most likely to celebrate a comeback?

Of course, you may also like to explain your decision in the comments. Maybe you are already dreaming like me a little bit of a possible shooter renaissance on the PlayStation. Either way: We are already looking forward to your comments and thank you for participation!