NFTs remain a controversial topic in the gaming industry. Now Ubisoft jumps up with the rabbids on this hype. These are now celebrating their entry into a game called “The Sandbox”, as Kotaku reports. The title was adopted by the developer Animoca for nearly 5 million US dollars in 2018 and has been transforming step by step into a blockchain oasis. From selling NFT content as skins to virtual real estate trade, everything is there and even well-known companies such as Atari or Adidas are on board as a partner. The sandbox tries to combine the monetization of gaming content simultaneously with the same hypal metaverse. Players run around, communicate with each other and send emotes back and forth.

A small excerpt of how the game is market, battles: _ “The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse in which player can play, build, own, and can monetize your virtual experience. You can also invest in Krypto currency and more sand Earn. “It’s exactly what many players explains the appeal: the Play2Earn model suggests the opportunity to make money with the game. The playful Krypto currency is sand, it is based on EtherEmum and works in both directions. So you can convert Etherum into sand and the other way around, so at least in theory you get the opportunity to earn real money. The market capitalization of sand is currently under BTC echo at 5 billion US dollars. But why did Ubisoft decided to join in this business?

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After attempting Ubisoft to implement NFTs through Ubisoft Quartz in their own games, they are now trying to “externally”. With this blockchain tour, however, not only annoy long-time fans, but also demoralize their own employees. Only recently did the company organize another internal workshop, which should clear the concerns of critical employees. In addition, one began to award special NFts to the developer team of the Ghost recon series to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series.