Intel said it is a $ 1 billion fund to support the excavation of startups and companies in the foundry ecosystem on the 7th (US Local Time) foundry ecosystem. This fund that Intel Foundry Services, and the Intel Foundry Services, and the Intel Foundry Services, IFS (IFS), can shorten the release rate of intellectual property (IP), software tools, innovation semiconductor architecture and advanced packaging technology It will be prioritized to the field. In addition, Intel announced a partnership with the various companies with the fund, developing modular products with a chiplet platform, and a number of instructions (ISA) We have published a major strategic industrial change such as supporting design methods to utilize.

The Pat Gelsinger Intel CEO is “Foundry customers are quickly adopting modular design methods to shorten the product differentiation and market launch rate. IFS is in a location that can lead to changes in this critical industry. Through Intel’s new investment funds and open chiplet platforms, companies belonging to ecosystems will support developing innovative technologies across all chip architectures. “

Intel established an IFS, the core of the IDM 2.0 strategy to meet the global demand growth of state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing. IFS offers state-of-the-art packaging and process technology in the United States and Europe and provides a wide range of differentiated and differentiated intellectual property portfolios in the foundry industry, such as all major instruction sets.

Randhir Thakur (Randhir Thakur) The president of IFS said, “Intel does not have innovative technologies, and all innovation technologies are not born inside Intel,” Innovation is in an environment where innovation can be open and collaborative. The $ 100 billion fund, which cooperates with Intel Capital, a leader in venture capital investment, said that the $ 1 billion-based fund is told all the competencies of Intel to lead innovation in the foundry ecosystem. “

“Saf Yeboah) Intel Senior Vice President and Top Strategic Director” Intel Capital’s history and expertise is rooted in semiconductors. Intel has invested more than $ 5 billion in 120 companies in the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem, “the Intel has invested more than $ 5 billion in the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem,” Intel has invested more than $ 5 billion in the design implementation. ” To strategic investment for strategic investments, all investments that Intel have been in the field of architectures, intellectual property, materials, equipment and designs, “said Intel.