Polyphony Digital, the team behind Gran Turismo 7 next month, will introduce a “groundbreaking KI project”, which was developed in collaboration with the KI Department of Sony.

The project announced on Twitter will be described as the “Gaming flagship” of Sony AI, and a trailer for cooperation aims to arouse some excitement for everything that Sony Ai will announce on 9 February. As usual in most technology-based teaser trailers, there is not much to do here, but the partnership is strange and marked the first time that one of PlayStation Studios teams work together with Sony AI on a project.

Sony has not yet revealed much about the online game of Gran Turismo 7 or talked too much about the available competition modes and the Ki against which they will compete. And the time of this announcement could suggest that we will receive a big info drop later this week, in which all aspects of competition are described in detail in the latest entry in the race series.

But what will this new development be in the Ki? It could be an improvement of what we have seen in Gran Turismo Sport, or will Sony be so his Ki in the future for building upcoming live service games that it wants to publish over the next four years. But it is not even clear whether this revelation for Gran Turismo 7 will be or only for a Ki project, which polyphony has worked digital in the background.

???? COME SOON ????

Our team is looking forward to 9.2. Our gaming flagship to bring to the market and to announce a groundbreaking project # added through a collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc. (PDI) and @ Sony Interactive entertainment (you). Enjoy this insight. https://t.co/xlhvbquu1q

  • Sony AI (@sonyai_global) 7. February 2022

This announcement takes place shortly after the weather effects of Gran Turismo 7 and a selection of Gran Turismo starter cars were revealed during a state of play last week.

Anyway, we do not have too long time until the project at which both Polyphony Digital and Sony AI work is revealed. But since CrossSplay was confirmed for Gran Turismo 7 and may be a renewed focus on improved Ki, competition races may be much more intense in this entry, whether online or against the computer.