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“Bodaran” spin-off “Wonderland-Tiny Tina and the Magic World” Me … Latest play video over 20 minutes! Skills of each class also revealed

Gearbox and 2k will be released on March 25 Spin-off work “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the World World” We have published an official play video of about 20 minutes.

In the image, in addition to the appearance of play with a user interface that has not been officially published, it is an inventory screen arranged in a fantasy style from an overworld or “borderland” that operates the deformed character from the viewpoint of overlooking the deformed character. Can be checked. Also, this video that contains two bosses, but the area you are playing is that it is not related to the main story.

In addition, new information is also available to the official site according to the video release. The contents of each class of skill tree, class characteristics, and action skills are newly published on the page that appears in the past. Unlike the “Borderlands” series so far, this work is equipped with multi-class systems that can select two classes. If you can not wait for the release, please check the details of each class and select which two choose.

“Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and Magical World” is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2022 for PC (Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE.

UE4 chat-style novel ADV “RESCUEME net counselor” Development started for smartphones. The adolescent adolescent answers consultation with the app

Historia has started delivering “Counselor of RESCUEME Net” on February 28. The corresponding platform is iOS / Android, basic play is free. Text fast forward and counseling tip functions, charging elements such as a story after the main scenario are prepared.

“RESCUEME Net Counselor” is a chat wind bell ADV that rides someone’s consultation via the app. The main character Komori Komori is a 22-year-old young man who once aimed at the psychological counselor. He is not currently unemployed. He was fed up by His Friends Hisashi Suzuki (Sorane Suzushi), and I read his favorite book every day without going out of my mind and body, and I read his favorite book every day.

However, he is proposed to be a net counselor from Suzuni from Suzuni, July 22nd of his withdrawal 7th anniversary. Although I was at first, but he was pointed out that he is not well-known to Suzuni and decided to start counseling. He will perform net counseling via the chat application “Union” as a psychological counselor-oriented university student sensation. Worried consultation is unfolded with five faces and five people.

Let's make a Advice Generator App with HTML CSS and JS | Frontend Mentor Challenge

On the source of the chat app, consultation will come from several people through chat apps. As a good guy, we will promote counseling by choosing an option in those messages. The options are presented with various situations from the true return to strange remarks. The reliability changes depending on the chronic choice. In the room where you live in a reward, there is also a choice that is released by knowing information in advance. In the game early, consultation and daily complaints and criminal conflicts will be developed. During continuing chat, the consultants’ conflict and deep troubles will be drawn.

In addition, chat app “Union” used by good guys is an app for residents by Takamachi, who lives and Suzuki. The application is currently under development, and the test of the app ends on August 25, so August 25 will be the period of counseling. The story will draw about one month through chat, such as the counselor’s episode and the oysters themselves. As an element, news and a friendlist in a chat app are also provided.

Historia producing this work is a domestic game development company. As a result, in charge of development such as “Caligula 2” and “Caligula Oberdose”. We are good at the game using Unreal Engine, and this work is an adventure game, but is developed by Unreal Engine 4. According to the official site, this work seems to be a long time to the company. In addition, this work can be played free of charge to the game clear. As a billing element, text fast-forward and option tips, advertisement deletion functions, etc. are introduced. Stories after the main part are also sold at a set of 490 yen.

“Counselor of RESCUEME Net” is distributed for free for iOS / Android.

The new movie Digimon Adventure 02 reveals the first look at Daviss design

Digimon Adventure 02 will soon make its great return with a new movie and has revealed the first look at the new design of Daisuke Motomiya (best known as Davis, for many of the English language fanatics) for the occasion. Digimon recently celebrated his twentieth anniversary not only with a new series of TV restart, but also with a new film that agamered at the original eight digidestined and put an end to his story. But while this was the end of the first story, Toei Animation soon announced plans to bring back to the team of the second season for a new movie as well.

Toei Animation announced last year that Digimon Adventure 02 would return for a new movie, and as Digimon Adventure: Last evolution Kizuna Before, it was joined that this new film would focus on the previous versions of the chosen children of the second season. Sharing a new film update during the Digimoncon online event, Davis’s updated design for the new movie was shared for the first time! Take a look at a glance as it saw it @Wikimon_News on Twitter:

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna - Exclusive Clip (English Dub)

Unfortunately, there are still very few details about what to expect from the new film Digimon Adventure 02, but it was confirmed that the film will take place in 2012… two years after the events of Last Evolution Kizuna. With this greater focus on Digidestined of the second season, this could also be a great end for this set. Director Tomohisa Taguchi and the writer Akatsuki Yamatoya return from Last Evolution Kizuna for this new film (which has not yet revealed an official title at the time of writing this article).

Previously it was joined that Davis would be interacting with a new and mysterious addition that states that he was the first person to associate with a Digimon, and that is something that the tradition of the main series had not yet broken completely in any of its iterations until the moment. It was also revealed that the development of the film has progressed constantly, but it is not yet at a stage where it can be seen a lot.

But what do you think? What do you think of the new design of Daisuke / Davis for the movie Digimon Adventure 02? What do you expect to see in the great return of him to the screens? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

FIFA 22: Get the Charter of Silver Stars for free: Akim Zedadka Intransferable

If something we can take out of FIFA 22 is that all the French and players of the France Ligue 1 are more than welcome at FIFA Ultimate Team . If we can also make ourselves with one without having to open envelopes or go through the market of transfers, we are facing a whole opportunity. And if it is the letter in form of akim zedadka , better than better.

The arrival of the new team of the week came from the hand of the new letter Silver stars , a player who rounds the value of the combination and that despite being of a silvery rarity has some improved attributes of real superstars. Of course, before making a hole in our team we will have to win.

To make with the letter Silver stars: Akim Zedadka intransferable we must overcome three specific missions within the tabs of objectives of the Ultimate Team. All of them very assumable and extra exp. For our seasonal progress. Definitely, there are left over the reasons to take the letter.

As every week, in letter Silver we will help you to make you with the new La Letter Silver Stars reviewing point by point the objectives you should overcome to re-automate it. From there, the rest depends on you.

Get the Letter Silver Stars: Akim Zedadka Intransferable

Objective: Win 3

Win 3 games in the Fut Friend live: Silver Room

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Objective: Mark 8

Brand 8 goals in the Fut Friend live: Silver Sala

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Objective: Attend 6

Attend 6 Goals in Fut Friend Live: Silver Room

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Group reward: Silver stars: Akim Zedadka Intransferable

Once you have met the three previous steps you can claim your final rewards in the seasonal objectives section within the Ultimate Team mode. One of them is the expected player letter in Form and the other are 150 EPS additional for our seasonal progress.

The letter of Silver Stars: Akim Zedadka has an average lower than those of the previous weeks, but its Rhythm 89, its French player status and the right lateral position of it make it a great addition. In praettes he does not work badly, although it is clear that the passes from him and the shots of it lower the figure that the letter presides over.

We will have until next Wednesday, March 2 to overcome the objectives and claim the letter Silver Stars. And seeing the round that the team of week 23 ** has remained, until the envelopes are coming from pearls.

Halo Infinite: Fracture: Tenrai challenges are back

Halo Infinite | Fracture: Tenrai Returns Trailer (4 of 6)
The free, temporally limited event pass in Halo Infinite offers 30 levels of rewards around the Yoroi armament core. Crash into the playlist of the Fiesta event and concludes event-specific challenges to unlock up to ten levels of your reward rail in the next week! Regardless of the Battle Pass, the Event Passport is 100% free and offers the players themed-related, temporary rewards, while the event is live. Fracture: Tenrai returns two more times this season, so it ensures that you will start this week with your event challenges and making progress with your event pass. Also, during the Halo Infinite Events look for additional Tenrai adaptation items in the shop.

Halo Infinite: When is the co-op

Finally Halo for two? Another patience! In this guide to Halo Infinite you will learn:

  • When the Koop mode should start for the campaign
  • Why the multiplayer is not in the game yet
  • Which other announced features also start later

Halo Infinite: for launch without co-op – when does it change?

Halo Infinite Multiplayer - The Co-op Mode
From the beginning, the Halo series was a co-opaque: for two as a master-chief double against the alien threat has been a fun guarantor for over two decades. The most disappointing was 2021 the message that Halo Infinite starts to release in December without the multiplayer in the campaign . However, the relevant Microsoft Studio 343 Industries has firmly promised to deliver the function.

A fixed date there is not a current state, but a concrete clue: The co-opa launch for the campaign is considered to start Season 2 of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Da Season 1 according to current status on May 2, 2022 Ends, the update could come at the earliest on this date, which finally can finally be gymnons over the Halo-Ring. The coeop function may then also work with up to four people in a team – here we still wait for more detailed information.

Halo Infinite also gets split screen for the campaign?

It is very likely that Halo Infinite will offer after the coop update at least Xbox consoles and perhaps on the PC split screen multiplayer for cozy shooter rounds on the split screen. The reason for the assumption: This is already working on a glitch, but it is not recommended. ** The feature is only rudimentary worked out, the second person has no HUD and you can not play story missions.

Above all, however, the Acute danger consists that your memory levels are destroyed or deleted by exploiting the error and crashes the game. We strongly recommend to wait a few months on the official release, which will bring in addition to the alleged split screen mode the online cooop function in play.

For the sake of completeness, you will find the instructions for exploiting glitch – at your own risk:

  • Puts your Xbox into the offline mode.
  • Connects a second controller with the console
  • Starts Halo Infinite in campaign mode.
  • Press Start on Controller 1, then back.
  • Press Start on Controller 2 and log in to a second Xbox account.
  • Adds the second Xbox account to the party.

You can now play a very rudimentary split screen mode in the world of Halo Infinite. But we’ll talk about the warning here, that this method can hardly damage and destroy your scores.

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That’s why the co-op campaign comes later

The development of Halo Infinite was route way turbulent . Important staff announced during the work on the sixth Halo part, the first gameplay demo remained behind the expectations of many fans, with the challenges of the Corona pandemic. The originally planned release as a launch title for the Xbox Series X in 2020 was ultimately shifted to the end of 2021.

Like any game development, Halo Infinite had to set priorities and partially redistribute them. In the course of this, the team decided to delete the coop mode from the release version and later to bring as an update into play to polish other aspects more thoroughly.

Halo Infnite: This popular feature is also coming later

In addition to coop mode, the forge mode was missing for the release of Halo Infinite (“Forge” . The popular Map and Game Mode Editor has also been prioritized to the Launch version in more polished state. That 343 Industries returns him, but is considered as set: To start Season 3 of the multiplayer, the feature should appear according to the current stand – so probably at the earliest by August 2022 around.

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How to prevent Total War failure: Warhammer 3

One of the most unpleasant things in any game may fail. After the recent release of Total War: Warhammer 3, the game suffered from several noticeable problems, including a failure. Incredibly, the intensive demands of this simulator game of mass battles can often bring hardware to the limit, but even in this case, the failures are never welcome.

Below we list some of the best ways to prevent Total War failure: Warhammer 3. The execution of these procedures should solve your problem.

for Total War: Warhammer 3 crashes when starting

The first thing you have to do is check the system requirements of the game. If you are approaching the lower limit of the requirements, you will fight the game, no matter what, and failures are the smallest of your concerns. But there are some more things you can do.

Warhammer 3 - EVERYTHING is overpowered, but that's okay... Total War Warhammer 3 Is Broken
If you are in Steam, check the integrity of the game file. To do this, open Steam and go to your library . Right-click Total War: Warhammer 3 in your library and select Specifications . in Local files Section, select Integrity Checking Local Files .

If you are using Game Pass, you can also try to update the Game Pass application. To do this, go to Windows Store and download the latest version.

Finally, you must double-check all your video drivers, DirectX versions and other elements associated with the graphics processor. Visit the manufacturer’s website of your graphics processor to get the latest drivers. Before starting the game, make sure that all your drivers are updated to the latest versions.

for Total War: Warhammer 3 is failed in the game

When you enter the game to prevent failures, make sure you use the settings recommended for your computer. If you still experience crashes, try to reduce the graphics settings even below.

Even with a low level, not all settings are set to the lowest value. You can customize them until you find more stable settings.

The game will also work more stable in the window mode (for some players). This is especially true if you often press the ALT key. In addition, make sure that unnecessary programs do not work in the background. It will free up memory for Total War: Warhammer 3, makes her work more smooth and prevent failures.

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Complete stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin does not look for to be a difficult journey, according to his authors

The concern of difficulty in videogames resumes again, but on this event we do not concentrate on Miyazaki and also the Hearts. Currently we look at Team Ninja and his job in games like NiOh, who have drawn in focus exactly due to the fact that of the complicated fights. With Stranger of Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin on the perspective, the programmer team has actually guaranteed that the activity of the video game does not open the RPG essence of the franchise. However, an interview in Play Publication (through Gamesradar) discloses that the title will continue the normal tonic of the research in terms of difficulty, also if they do not seek that the gamers go with a bad drink .

The Origin of ALL Final Fantasy - Stranger of Paradise Theory
Team Ninja desires to make sure that the experience is not extremely uphill for the gamers, and that is why Complete stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will certainly also have settings of difficulty ranging from the most severe difficulty as well as up to the A lot more enjoyable walk. This way, users can adjust to the video game not only since of the broad range of fight methods , but additionally by different levels of problem.

Our objective in Team Ninja is uncomplicated games Fumihiko Yasuda “Maybe you do not believe me, however our objective in Team Ninja is not making challenging video games “, describes the research study manufacturer, Fumihiko Yasuda * *. “We just desire gamers to sense of success when they finish the game, we have made sure that there is much flexibility for the player and a variety of strategies readily available to complete the video game, either making use of reflexes in A common technique of activity video games, or making use of more standard RPG elements to Final Fantasy games to win and also reinforce “.

In this news we focus on Stranger of Paradise’s activity: Final Fantasy Origin, the video game additionally aims to inform a truly surprising tale. We will need to wait up until March 18 To examine all the features of the adventure, although we currently have you in our impressions that we are not 100% convinced with the delivery of Team Ninja.

Pokemon Masters Ex is the same as Pokemon Masters?

Master Pokemon was released in August 2019 and had many of the same functions as Masters Pokemon Ex As we know, this is today. The first anniversary of the game was announced a big update, which gave her many new features and additions that changed many aspects of the game.

Because of this, Dena, developers Masters Pokemon decided to change the name of the game on Master Pokemon Ex .

So, in short, Master Pokemon Ex is the same as Pokemon Masters . It is important to note that the original Master Pokemon is no longer available for the game and can not be installed again Store or Google Play Store .

???? Scout 10 Sync Pairs per Day for 10 Days! | Pokémon Masters EX
When you try, you will immediately be asked to install Masters Pokemon Ex .

Any event or synchronization pairs that could be available during the release Pokemon Master are also no longer available. Some of these events were returned with capital improvements to match the more new one Master Pokemon Ex update, but you will need to wait until they are released.

Be sure to visit our homepage Pokémon Masters EX to find out all the latest news, manuals and content for the series!

Halo Infinite prepares a patch that will improve the stability of the multiplayer

Probably the BEST Halo Infinite gameplay you've ever seen!
HALO INFINITE Prepare a launch patch foreseen the next February 24 . 343 Industries advances the multiple corrections and improvements that will introduce both in the console and PC version.

HALO INFINITE: New telemetry, improvements in stability and more

The team ensures that in the update we can expect a new telemetry system “centered on collecting more data in the meetings where shooting are produced around walls and corners.” That is, the code online will act so that the damage received is more precise with respect to the actual position of the player.

Some players pointed out during these weeks that the first-person animations happened to a Framerate different from the one who runs the game. 343 Industries Ensures that we will now see the “Softest” animations when performing actions such HALO INFINITE recharging or climbing.

The campaign hHALO INFINITE been one of the points you have wanted to emphHALO INFINITEize: “We will see multiple improvements in the experience during the campaign. Whether correcting problems in the unlocking of achievements HALO INFINITE the game via quick resume, the team hHALO INFINITE worked on a good number of corrections for the campaign since the launch and will come more along the way. ” We are noted to read the patch notes to know them in detail.

On the other hand, we can expect “multiple improvements” in the system antitrampHALO INFINITE that uses halo infinite , HALO INFINITE well HALO INFINITE an increHALO INFINITEe of up to 24 meters in the movement record at Big Team Battle.

This patch will arrive a few weeks after the lHALO INFINITEt statement of JOSEPH STATEN , maximum responsible for the project. During the message he HALO INFINITEsured that they needed more time to be able to trace a roadmap during the following months and seHALO INFINITEons. You can read the complete statements through this link.

  • The Halo series renews for a second seHALO INFINITEon
  • HALO INFINITE: End the game in the most difficult way without receiving damage

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