DISCORD, which is the application of chat and communications addressed to the communities of players, is currently experiencing a generalized interruption. This afternoon, a lot of Discord users began to report on social networks that the application had stopped working for them. In a short time, the development team behind Discord went to Twitter to confirm that the application was currently experiencing problems, although it was said that a solution was coming.

In a message at Discord Website, the company confirmed that the origin of the fall of the platform was due to an interruption of the API. “We have identified the underlying issue with the interruption of the API, but we are dealing with a secondary problem in one of our database groups,” said a state message on the site. “We have our entire response team online and responding to the problem.”

At the time of writing this article, Discord has declared that it has encountered a solution for some of these issues in question, and should begin to allow users to initiate session once again in the near future. «We have instituted a speed limit at the logins to manage traffic load. Users who have started session are using Discord successfully at this time, and we will slowly increase the limits here to allow the income of more users as we can, “said the company. In an update. He continued saying: “The database is healthy again, and our internal error rate has fallen at nominal levels. We are starting to increase the limit of the login fee to allow users to reconnect. “

While it is always an annoyance every time situations such as is with certain applications of the Internet, it seems that this issue with DISCORD should be resolved for everyone in the very close future. And although it can take a little more time, so you can log in on your own, continue to update discord periodically as the day progresses.


Did you end up having issues with discord today? And if so, how long was it prevented from using the application? Tell me about your own experience in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.