For a couple of weeks it has been rumored that the recur coming of the PS5 is about to happen. However, all tests have proven to be a simple error of the PlayStation Store. Now, it was recently described that the symbol of PS3 appeared momentarily in the consoles of PS4 and PS5, But this story has an outcome that already many knows.

Yesterday, several Twitter users reported that PS3 trophies began to appear in various games. However, this turned out to be an error of the PlayStation Network, Since the progress of PS4 titles simply disappeared. This resulted in a series of speculation by fans, who shared a series on social networks of images that gave him false hopes to the players.


This error arises a couple of weeks after a similar situation occurred at the PlayStation Store, where PS3 Games appeared marked in the digital store momentarily. However, it is also interesting to see that these two situations so similar occur After a patent by Mark CERN was released, where a retraction system is described.

Similarly, you do not have to forget about Spartacus, the subscription system that would give access to the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS VITA library on PS5. Although this platform is expected to be revealed at some point of spring, at the moment there is no official information about Spartacus.

On related topics, here you can learn more about the patent registered by Mark CERN. Similarly, here we tell you what happened with the prior error of the PS3 on the PS5.

Editor’s note:

It seems that everything indicates that the retraction is close to PS5. Although these have been only mistakes, it would not be a surprise to hear that Spartacus is real, and we will eventually see games of previous generations of PlayStation on the modern console. You just need to see how well this idea works.