Yes, you read, after taking a break the WWE 2K series will return this year. 2K Sports and Visual Concept decided that after the mediocre WWE 2K20 game, it was time to go back on the ring and run some acrobatics with WWE 2K22. It is with a revamping game engine, a staggering visual set up, new controls that the developers will try to charm you. Certainly, the coast will be rather difficult to go back since in the past the series has lost a lot of its brilliant. This year, 2K Sports hopes that the choice to opt for the Rey Mysterious legend will be a brilliant idea. The latter since his return to the WWE continues to vibrate the crowds by these acrobatics and his jumps from the top of the third rope.


  • 2K Showcase returns in this opus, with an accent on Rey Mysterious. Relive the greatest moments of his career in a mode enriched with new features.

  • My Ascension is always a very popular mode, since it allows you to create a wrestler and make it evolve in his career until the most prestigious chat leagues.

  • The creative tool has also been updated, allowing you to shape your wrestler with even more details. You can also create your championships, arenas, belts, entrance scenes, victory scenes, etc. The players will be able to share their creations, with for the first time a cross-platform sharing.

  • Universe mode allows you to participate in the WWE full calendar by participating in all the shows and PPV of the league. Take control of brands, live premium events, results of matches, rivalries, etc…

  • My faction will allow you to manage your dream faction as you intent in, in a mode supported by regular updates and weekly events.

  • My MG comes back again too. This mode allowing you to direct the league has been further improved. Manage the roster of the Superstars and the legends of the WWE, their contracts, decide the rivalries, put in place the tests of the championship… Take the reins of the league and make it the best entertainment possible.

This is an appointment on March 11 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. You can already pre-order the game that is offered in three options. Either a WWE 2K22 Cross-Gen Digital ” set, a ” WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition ” edition, and finally you can choose the mega edition ” WWE 2K22 TWO 4-LIFE Edition ”.