This year Marvel fans may look forward to starting She-Hulk Disney + . While Tatiana Malay will celebrate its MCU debut as a title of heroine, the comeback of known figures is attributable. This includes, among other things Mark Buffalo in the role of Bruce Banner Aka Hulk . However, there will be another MCU return .

Abomination returns to She-Hulk

There will be a reunion with abomination in the first season of the MCU series. And the responsible persons of Marvel Studios have managed to return Tim Roth for his role. Almost 14 years ago, the actor was seen in the incredible Hulk as an abomination. Last year Tim Roth already had a small guest appearance in Shang-Chi on the side of Wong.

What does Tim Roth say to his Marvel comeback?

Honestly, it totally surprised me. I talked to Kevin fig, and he said I have an idea. […] I was allowed to work with Mark Buffalo. Madness. I love him. And I do not know if I may say that… but this extraordinary woman, Tatiana… she is amazing. It was awesome.

What is it in She-Hulk?

In the last few weeks there were first rumors what the story of She-Hulk could turn. It is primarily about the introduction of Jennifer Walters (name of heroine) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . Among other things, the fourth wall is to be broken in the series. She-Hulk will speak directly with the viewer.


However, the future of Bruce Banner is apparently the focus of She-Hulk. Still, the series has no start date – but definitely goes in 2022. Coming soon, fans are allowed to look at Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac for the time being. Here is the start for the 30. March 2022 planned.