Since 1950 there are duels between the proud packers and the proud 49ers, which bring it together on nine Super Bowl titles. While at a total of eight play-off compares is 4: 4, it says in the normal play 34: 28: 1 Pro Green Bay. That alone is worth the view of this hot comparison, which rises in this country in the night from Saturday to Sunday (2.15 o’clock me).

But much more decisive is the modern, more precisely the most recent years and the current football time – and here Aaron Rodgers moves into the focus. The Gunslinger from the cheese city, which has now tackled his soil once again over ten years ago (31:25 against the Steelers 2010/11), has played in the play-offs three times against San Fran – And every single game lost.

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2: Divisional Duel Deluxe

Pure tension! In episode 2 of the new NFL podcast Icing The proud in cooperation between the proud and footballing, we look at the Divisional Games duels in the play-offs. Four K.O.-Games are on the NFL program next weekend. Death, Shaun, Grille and Luce analyze each 1. They look at the most important key duels and the X factors and at the end of their results. The next episode of Icing the proud – this time about the championship games in the NFL – there are already coming Thursday. Photo Credit: Imago / Yuma Wire

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The drama in three acts quickly summarized: Calculating the 31:45 in 2013 in the old traditional Candlestick Park (Divisional), which 20:23 in Lam beau only a season later (Wild Card) and still anchored in the thoughts 20: 37 2020 In the NFC final (0: 27 residue already at the beginning) together, then A-Rod only comes to five touchdowns at three interceptions. And that as a native Californian, who was well known in the draft 2005 actually expected to come to San Francisco.

We are totally fine

But not only that! In the preseason, the miners should even have asked the packers regarding a Rodgers trades, after initially did not pronounce themselves for a speedy return to Green Bay, leaving room for speculation. Therefore, between the two Head Coaches Kyle Shanahan and Matt Fleur there is a certain tension, even if the coach of the Miners is coming. We are totally finely with each other, says Shanahan in advance of this NFC-Kracher.

Of course, in any case, the packers go into play this year as a favorite – and that’s not just the fact that it is played in the infamous Lambeau Field in the infamous Lambeau Field. Rather, The Pack has been developing under the young coach throughout the young coach since 2019, it is thrown quickly (2.6 seconds after the snap on average), three seasons have been achieved in a row at least 13 victories. And also the team as such have happened three years at a maximum of 13 turnover – new record.


The run

But that alone is not enough, but again the history of the last three play-off duels between these two teams comes up – and thus the keyword running game. Each time the packers have failed that, in addition to errors in the openness (interceptions, fumbles, no or too little points), the Defense can not stop the run San Francisco.

The most likely most dangerous player of the rider Miners: All-purpose Weapon LeBeau Samuel. Imago images / icon SMI

The biggest findings here: The Kaepernick, which has not been playing in the League for many years, has run in 2013 in Divisional Round under the guidance of the former NFL-Head coach Jim Garbage alone 181 yards plus two touchdowns al1. Running Back Frank Gore has also still packed in 199 yards and a score at 45:31. A year later in the Wild Card Round, Keep almost came to 100 yards – and in the NFC Final 2020, it has been from the currently injured Raheem encryptable 220 yards including four touchdowns. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, already set up at San Fran, has only thrown eight times (six arrived for 77 yards). And that’s exactly what these strengths could now target the 49ers – especially with all-purpose weapon LeBeau Samuel, who can really hurt every opponent. It should and must be set to Green Bay.

Or as Packers Runner Aaron Jones says, We have been putting so much work in this project for over two years now. And now it feels like the time would be ripe now. Only it is important to take care of the course of the Miners, the previous Krypton it in Rodgers’ but somewhat manageable play-off career with 21 games and only eleven wins as well as only a super-bowl feeder including -triumph. Sum topic: Are the bills too strong for the Chiefs? 13 aspects for the upcoming Divisional Round