Apparently, death is the destiny of a hero. And the new 2D souls of Third Sphere Games Studios like, Watcher Chronicles, promise you will die a lot. Watcher Chronicles comes out today on Steam. A press release provides more details on launching and playing itself.

The Watcher Chronicles Steam gives players the welcome to which they should expect in the game saying, Oh, poor player, I complain… because in your trip through Steam, you find yourself on a Dark page where the right path is lost… you can not go back, because you found the suffering you aspire… Prepare your thumbs and your trigger fingers because your penance started…

The game puts the player to the orders of a hero whose mission is to save the purgatory forces of evil. You will give us everything that is at your disposal to do the job. A variety of unique weapons to magical powers and new improvements, you will have everything you will need to start your quest.

Watcher Chronicles has more than twenty unique bosses, each with different strategies to defeat them. You will need to improve your hero and use weapons adapted to your personal game style to beat them. In addition, you are not obliged to do so al1. Watcher Chronicles Co-op multiplayer. Bring a friend and kill hordes of infernal creatures.

Of course, Watcher Chronicles is now available on Steam. In addition, to celebrate its exit, Watcher Chronicles is currently -10% for a week. It is currently at a price of $20 and the original band is also available for $5. So prepare warriors and defend the purgatory. Choose your weapon and get your improvements, exit and kill demons.