Rainbow Six Extraction is packed with 30 milestone ranks and 18 operators, all of which can rise ten to level. With a lot of EPs, which is to be earned, the progress can appear due to the ranks as a big challenge, especially if you need EP to unlock the React laser or new cosmetics.

However, there are some important steps that you can make to earn XP in Rainbow Six Extraction much faster, even though you need to take some of the more difficult challenges in the game. In addition, they must deviate from the main path to master pretty much every challenge in the game, including RAINBOW SIX Extraction research studies.

Whether it’s your milestone rank and your general game progress you want to improve, or your favorite operator of Rainbow Six Extraction, do not spend your time to put hours in the game without looking at the following tips In Rainbow Six Extraction quickly Milestones and Operator XP to earn .

Rainbow Six Extraction earns fast milestones and operator XP

Earn Rainbow Six Extraction Milestone XP quickly , you must do the following:

  • Play careful, heavy or critical attacks
  • Stay in attacks with parasite mutations
  • Be as secretive as possible
  • complete studies


Play careful, heavy or critical attacks

When you play attacks on higher levels of difficulty, you will receive bonus-EP for completing goals, which offers a considerable bonus: 50% for careful attacks, 100% for heavy attacks, 200% for critical attacks.

Careful attacks are easy to handle with some exercise alone, but if you play for a team, you should try the two higher levels of difficulty. They will meet for harder variants of the Achaeans of Rainbow Six Extraction, but with a team that has something exercise, they will be able to overcome them

Stay in attacks with parasite mutations

If you play on the above difficulties, you have the opportunity to spawn a parasite mutation when you start an invasion. Parasite mutations in Rainbow Six Extraction radically change as the game can be played. For example, the enemies could all be invisible, or Sprawl that spreads across the card becomes toxic and adds to them if they occur.

Completing attacks with these activated rewards will be rewarded with a bonus EP. And if you in an in current without a loading, you can easily leave and restart it.

Be as secretive as possible

Rainbow Six Extraction rewards you considerably if you turn off enemies with stealth attacks with a sound-damped weapon or TakeDowns. However, they can also get bonus points for killing enemies by destructible surfaces or using equipment such as eras stunning mines, stunning grenades, scan grenades or detecting enemies with Lions’s ability.

All this sums up in the course of the game and will be a nice blessing after gathering all these parasite mutation XP and Bonus Objective XP.

complete studies

Rainbow Six extraction studies are small and simple challenges that can be completed and ranging from killing enemies to using certain equipment and operator devices.

At the end of a surgery, these offer a nice segment of bonus EP and help to increase their total performance, thanks to the 90% extraction boost, which is offered when expressed from a hot zone.

These tips should help you to improve your operator and milestone rank a bit faster. Further, tips on how to optimally use your time in the game, see our exemplary approach to the extraction of Rainbow Six.