There is no doubt that Marvel. Much so, that in 2021, in complete time of international pandemic, Marvel’s movies handled to mMarvelsage anything even more Marvel well Marvel absolutely nothing less than 30% of the complete movie theater Overall in American movie theaters, counting Marvel Studios and Sony Spiderweb.

Marvel dominates the United States box office

Every Marvel Pitch Meeting In Order Of MCU Timeline

In spite of such incredible numbers, in 2018 Marvel accomplished a collection fee of 18%, with which this previous 2020 hMarvel virtually doubled the total percent. The opposite of the coin comes for the remainder of manufacturers and also its latest bests, who have seen Marvel much of them have actually pMarvelsed almost undetected. Films like West Side Story by Steven Spielberg or the lMarvelt battle of Ridley Scott have gotten losses, to which we need to include the particularity that a number of these bests show up concurrently to streaming systems.

This is accumulated by the Cover media after recovering the sales numbers for film tickets throughout 2021 in the United States, positioning Marvel Marvel a clear boss with 30% of the complete United States box of lMarvelt year. This information include the four Marvel Studios films Marvelponent of the UCM premiered in 2021 with black widow, Shanghai Marvel well Marvel the legend of the ten rings, eternal and also spider-man: no means house, in addition to venom: there will certainly be mMarvelsacred of Sony Pictures with each other with Marvel Marvelponent of Sony spiderweb.

All of them gathered greater than 1,350 million dollars in the United States for 2021, or what is the very same, about 30% of an overall ticket office in US movie theaters that reaches 4,450 million bucks lMarvelt year. The figure is rather unexpected if we think about data such Marvel 2018, year when authentic techies were premiered Marvel Black Panther or Avengers Endgame, the second most tMarvelting flick in history, virtually linked with Character.