The Dallas Mavericks honored Dirk Nowitzki and his jersey solemnly pulled under the hall corner in Dallas, and Mark Cuban has presented a statue of Nowitzki. Move coach Jason Kidd even brewed him a place in the team jokingly.

After the victory of the Mavericks against the Golden State Warriors, Nowitzki was set near the logo with his family and his long-standing coach Holder Schindler near the logo, including commissioners Adam Silver, Mavericks-Owner Mark Cuban and almost all players of the 2011 championship team present.

On the video screen, the Mavericks first showed the beginnings Nowitzki’s career and the way to the championship, whereupon Silver a few words directed to Nowitzki. They love you here in Dallas, but they love you all over the world, said Silver and stressed, You were a pioneer for international players, many of the young players today have grown up to see them on television. An international player to be a different meaning before they came to the league.

Subsequently, more highlights in Nowitzki’s career were shown on the screen before Movs-Coach Jason Kidd directed at Nowitzki and joked: We are distributing ten days contracts, do you want to come back? For this he was still a fun from Nowitzki’s defense and said, I did not know that you had so many blocks before he found some more serious words to describe Nowitzki’s meaning for the Mavericks and the city of Dallas.

Thereafter, more former teammates and companions of Nowitzki were shown in the video, the personal stories about virgules. The next speaker was Mark Cuban, which Nowitzki had already passed a check worth $250,000 and 41 cents for his foundation at the half of the previous game.

Cuban presents Nowitzki statue

Dirk Nowitzki's Jersey Retirement Ceremony
Cuban, however, had a surprise ready when he presented the thumbnail of a statue of Nowitzki and its famous Flamingo Faraway. This statue is standing in front of the arena, and before the next arena, and before the next arena. And she will be huge! Cuban announced under thunderous cheer.

Then Nowitzki himself took the microphone. Before he could start his first sentence, however, he was overlaid by loud MVP calls of the fans. This will take a while, put you, Nowitzki announced before he started his speech. Starting with his arrival in Dallas in 1998 he gave the best stories of his career price and thanked many people he had met as a player. When I met him for the first time, I thought ‘comic guy’, Nowitzki joked as he talked about spinner.

I almost managed to become emotionally, he said in the fight with tears when he addressed the fans in Dallas at the end of his speech, which would have given him even in the heaviest moments. Then the MVP calls returned from the ranks. Together with his wife and three children, Nowitzki then triggered the button, which moved the number 41 under the hall ceiling.

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