Resident Evil 4, launched in Japan under the name Biohazard 4 (バイオ ハザード 4, Biohazard FO), is a third-person capturing computer game of Survival Horror, established by Cap com Manufacturing Workshop 4 and also modified by Japanese company Cap com.
The tale takes place 6 years after the events of Resident Evil 2. It states the agent Leon S. Kennedy, sent out to Spain by the United States government to conserve the lady from the Head of state of the United States, removed as well as selected captive by a strange sect.
The game is experiencing a long as well as active growth period, during which a number of beta variations are canceled. As part of a contract in between Nintendo and Cap com, he ultimately launched Game cube at the start of 2005, where he will certainly be taken into consideration one of the major titles of this console. It is after that focused on PlayStation 2 at the end of the year, Windows as well as Wii in 2007, then successively reassuring most market platforms, affirming irregular longevity as well as frequently restored success.
All well-known at his leave, he was called game of the year 2005 by several specific sites and publications. On Game cube, it is placed 30th game finest noted all time by the GameRankings website.
It additionally notes a profound modification of method in among the most preferred video clip game collection considering that the 1990s.

You have been watching for many years on PlayStation, Xbox and Co and thinking you have already seen everything? Random introduces you 6 crazy controllers with whom you can really gamble. Do you know them all?

Who pokes on the PC or on the console, you need either mouse and keyboard or matching gaming controller. In recent years, there have been some crazy ideas from manufacturers to provide Gamer a possible alternative to the standard device.

Mango introduces you a few crazy controllers with whom you can really gamble or kit if you have the right console.

Resident Evil Chainsaw

What is that for a controller? Originally appeared this controller for the Gamete and PlayStation-2 versions of the Horror Game Resident Evil 4. The controller does not just look cool, but is actually fully functional, and you may be with The chainsaw actually Resident Evil 4. The weapon is guided by the way on the Chainsaw Man, which occurs in the game and could do well properly.

Many users are likely to have bought the device for exhibition purposes. Because for gambling, the part is pretty chunky and unwieldy.

Incidentally, if you want to know how to play with such a device, you can see the YouTube video for the PS2 controller of The relaxing.

Katina: The Soul Controller

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What is that for a controller? The controller looks like a Katina, this is a Japanese long-sword. On the handle of the blade are all buttons of a normal PS2 controller.

The controller originally appeared for the PS2 game Animus 3: Demon Victory. Here you call you as a sword fighter by dozens of opponents and also has to solve different puzzles.

Incidentally, you can play modern games with the Katina Controller. Thus, the YouTuber Superlouis64 has introduced how to play the popular PS4 titan Ghost of Sushi with the Controller with the Kana. The result is quite worth seeing:

NEW Power Glove

What is this for a controller? The controller looks like a fighting hand from a futuristic film. On the forearm you will find all the important keys with which your gambling is called. The device is actually worn like a glove and transmits certain movements to the console.

The controller was actually developed for a number of games. In fact, a total of only two games that support the hardware appeared. So you could use the controller in the Side Scrolled Bad Street Brawler and in the game Super Glove Ball. However, the fighting glove could not prevail correctly. After about a year, the device was already set again.

The online magazine CNET has once again made the controller (or glove) for you and tried the games again. In your YouTube video you can watch the glove in action:

Did you find these 3 controllers unusual? On the next page we introduce you to further controllers who are also unique. One of the controllers is even an important development for a specific group of people under Gamer.