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Discord is currently dropped

DISCORD, which is the application of chat and communications addressed to the communities of players, is currently experiencing a generalized interruption. This afternoon, a lot of Discord users began to report on social networks that the application had stopped working for them. In a short time, the development team behind Discord went to Twitter to confirm that the application was currently experiencing problems, although it was said that a solution was coming.

In a message at Discord Website, the company confirmed that the origin of the fall of the platform was due to an interruption of the API. “We have identified the underlying issue with the interruption of the API, but we are dealing with a secondary problem in one of our database groups,” said a state message on the site. “We have our entire response team online and responding to the problem.”

At the time of writing this article, Discord has declared that it has encountered a solution for some of these issues in question, and should begin to allow users to initiate session once again in the near future. «We have instituted a speed limit at the logins to manage traffic load. Users who have started session are using Discord successfully at this time, and we will slowly increase the limits here to allow the income of more users as we can, “said the company. In an update. He continued saying: “The database is healthy again, and our internal error rate has fallen at nominal levels. We are starting to increase the limit of the login fee to allow users to reconnect. “

While it is always an annoyance every time situations such as is with certain applications of the Internet, it seems that this issue with DISCORD should be resolved for everyone in the very close future. And although it can take a little more time, so you can log in on your own, continue to update discord periodically as the day progresses.


Did you end up having issues with discord today? And if so, how long was it prevented from using the application? Tell me about your own experience in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

3. League: Table Guide Magdeburg shoots Duisburg

The 1st FC Magdeburg has again set an exclamation mark in the 3rd league and underpinned his promotional ambitions. The sovereign leaders won 5: 0 (3: 0) for the crisis MSV Duisburg and now has eleven points ahead of his first pursuer.

This is the 1st FC Saarbrücken, which won 2-0 (0: 0) against Borussia Dortmund II and thus the 1st FC Kaiserslautern in place three puzzled.

But the Palatines have completed a game less and could refill on Saturday (14 o’clock) against Halleschen FC. Contract Braunschweig, as a fourth also in the ascent race, left the 0: 1 (0: 1) at FSV Zwickau somewhat surprisingly points.

In the table cellar it remains gloomy for the TSV Averse. The 0: 1 (0: 1) against SV When Wiesbaden was the already 15th defeat – in the 23rd game. The distance to the first non-default place is further eight meters, because the table-16 also. SC Very at the 0: 1 (0: 1) against the SV Happen did not score.

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MSV Duisburg – 1.FC Saarbrücken | 3. Liga highlights

  • All 380 games of the 3rd league live in magenta sport – also in the conference

In Duisburg, Satsuma ITO (10th) brought the guests in the morning in the morning, which briefly acted after the red card against MSV-Profi Leo wine purchase (23rd) even in supervise. The leader used this advantage: Tobias Müller (32.), Connor Krempicki (45. + 4), Basis BATIK (50th) and Kai Bunker (85th) achieved the other goals for Magdeburg. Duisburg, on the other hand, floats as 18th further in the risk of reliance.

WMADID, Korea University and Cryptur Welcome (WEMIX) Development Fund Donation Convention

The Memoir (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) concluded the Cryptiminu Donation Convention on the first time in Korea University (President Gang Intake) and the first time in Korea,

The Donation Convention was conducted on the 25th (Tuesday), the director of the Republic of Pantheon, Pantheon, Jean, Hymn, and the president of Korea University, Korea University plans to use this Convention on a development fund, including research, academic activities, including future education and block body technology for the cultivation of the window of window.

The cryptographic donations that have a blockchain technology have been combined with transparent donations, as well as more transparent donation management, as well as funding and embezzlement, and are actively active in each of the world, including US famous universities and French cultural restores in recent years.

President Jung Intake, Korea University, said, As a leading university, Korea University is a leading university, a leading university in Korea, leading to a blockchain, a blockchain, a blockchain in 2018, and has been leading related research to about 20 billion won. It is also active not only research, but also to apply new block body technology to reality, such as introducing the first block chain-based mobile student ID card. Global Open Platform Constructing a Global Open Platform Constructing a Global Open Platform, thanks to the new type of donation, so that Korea University is able to lead the new university donation culture through new types of donations.

Lee Made Lee, Gang Hymn, said, By donating a cryptographic wicker to college to the first time in Korea, it became an opportunity to rise on a higher level of cryptographic inclusions, he said. I said, he said.

Trophies of PS3 appeared on the PS5. Whats going on?

For a couple of weeks it has been rumored that the recur coming of the PS5 is about to happen. However, all tests have proven to be a simple error of the PlayStation Store. Now, it was recently described that the symbol of PS3 appeared momentarily in the consoles of PS4 and PS5, But this story has an outcome that already many knows.

Yesterday, several Twitter users reported that PS3 trophies began to appear in various games. However, this turned out to be an error of the PlayStation Network, Since the progress of PS4 titles simply disappeared. This resulted in a series of speculation by fans, who shared a series on social networks of images that gave him false hopes to the players.


This error arises a couple of weeks after a similar situation occurred at the PlayStation Store, where PS3 Games appeared marked in the digital store momentarily. However, it is also interesting to see that these two situations so similar occur After a patent by Mark CERN was released, where a retraction system is described.

Similarly, you do not have to forget about Spartacus, the subscription system that would give access to the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS VITA library on PS5. Although this platform is expected to be revealed at some point of spring, at the moment there is no official information about Spartacus.

On related topics, here you can learn more about the patent registered by Mark CERN. Similarly, here we tell you what happened with the prior error of the PS3 on the PS5.

Editor’s note:

It seems that everything indicates that the retraction is close to PS5. Although these have been only mistakes, it would not be a surprise to hear that Spartacus is real, and we will eventually see games of previous generations of PlayStation on the modern console. You just need to see how well this idea works.

Australian Open Live: Who will Nadals opponent? Monfils demands Berrettini

Rafael Nadal stumbled, but he did not fell: The struck tennis superstar proved a huge fighter’s heart at the Australian Open and is now only two victories away from the sole grand slam record. The dream of double specialist Tim Putz (Frankfurt / Main) from the first Grand Slam title is meanwhile burst. Naval’s semi-final opponents will now be determined at the duel between Gael Mongols and Matteo Regretting (now in the live ticker).

The Spaniard bite, despite obvious physical problems with a 6: 3, 6: 4, 4: 6, 3: 6, 6: 3 against Canadian Denis Shapovalov (22) and moved into the semifinals of Melbourne for seventh time.

After 4:08 hours Naval turned his first match ball and was extensively celebrating the audience for this energy performance. I was completely destroyed after this hard, warm day. It’s unbelievable to me to stand in these semi-finals, said the 35-year-old, I did not feel well in the stomach, I was lucky enough to be in the fifth sentence have served great.

Shapovalov had slammed in three sentences in the eighth final Olympic champion Alexander Zverev (Hamburg). In the semifinals on Friday, Naval expects a duel with the Wimbledon finalist Matteo Regretting (Italy) or Gael Mongols from France. He reached five times the final in Melbourne – but he could only win 2009.

Naval sights Grand Slam record

Naval first showed strong performance in the quarter-final against Shapovalov. Towards the end of the third set, the dominance crumbled but little later, the Mallorquiner took a treatment break, suggested pain in the stomach area and made a drug from the doctor. In the side changes, he kept bubbling cold air from a cooling tube into the face, before the decisive passage he took a little break in the cabin – and came back on the gums with unbridled fighter qualities against the then much too hectic Canadian.

With another title at the Australian Open, Naval can write in the absence of Novak Djokovic (designated) and Roger Federer (injured) history. At a tournament victory he would crown the sole grand slam record champion. Currently, all three top players are at 20 major titles.

Through his victory against Shapovalov, Naval is the furthest player in the semi-finals of the Australian Open. For all four Grand Slam tournaments, the Spaniard stands for the 36th time among the best four – only Federer (46 semi-finals) and Djokovic (42) this has succeeded.

Shapovalov ensures Eclat – Naval stakes opponents

Shapovalov had taken care of during the first sentence for a corkage. He made referee Carlos Bernard es Junior serious allegations because Naval had delayed from the bank to the field.

You are all corrupt, he said in the direction of the Brazilian. Naval had his opponent waiting for half a minute. Even after the first game of the second sentence, Shapovalov was broken against the impartial.

Naval took Shapovalov as a result to the chest and clearly made his opponent on the net with significant words that such a behavior would not have to look at the place. After the game, the fact destroyed whether his missed chance to frustrated Shapovalov on top of that his bat.

Here’s the detailed news for me more information.

PART fails in double to Kokkinakis / Kyrios

Putz had to enter the local matadors Thanks Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrios 5: 7, 6: 3, 3: 6 with his New Zealand partner Michael Venus in the quarterfinals of Melbourne in a stylish atmosphere.

The Kia Arena enjoyed a witch chest, every point win of the two Australians cheered the fans frenetic. In part, the initiation also went beyond an appropriate level, for example with Buhrufigen in the case of accessories of Putz and Venus.

With the profit of the second sentence, these took some air – but only briefly. Above all, Kyrios whipped the crowd with spraying gestures again and again.

Putz stressed that he did not play so well with his partner, but the atmosphere had not so good, he said, And I think that’s too much of the good. Tennis is entertainment, but that’s to a lot. But there are no real rules for these situations, the referee has tried their best. It was wild outside, said the 34-year-old, Kyrios had gone too far: What he does there between the first and second surcharge has nothing to do with entertainment. That’s just unsportsmanlike.

Putz was the last German in the individual or double competitions of the Australian Open. Most recently, he had taken care of the semi-final with the Deutsche Team in Davis Cup on the side of Kevin Gleiwitz for Furor. On Grand Slam level, he had previously been the best results two quarter-finals at French Open (2020, 2021).

Australian Open: Party Furious – Now against Keys

Ashleigh Party is further inviolable at the Australian Open and leaves the fans from the first home win since 1978. The world ranking learning did not pay any doubts against American Jessica Regular on Tuesday, with a sovereign 6: 2, 6: 0 in the semifinals. In the fight for her first final in Melbourne is waiting for the 25-year-old, which is still without loss, the US surprise Madison Keys.

In 1978 Christine O’Neil had brought the title to the home Grand Slam as the last Australian. Party’s best result in Melbourne is so far the semi-final 2020, last year, after a hitherto show tournament course in the round of the best eight players was excreted. I had a lot of fun here again, said Wimbledon winner Party after her victory against Regular in just 63 minutes.

The unjust keys, number 51 of the world, had previously reached the semi-final of Australian Open for the first time since 2015. The 26-year-old sat down with 6: 3, 6: 2 against the favorite French Open winner Barbara Pšenčíková from the Czech Republic. Seven years ago, Keys in Melbourne had lost the semi-final against US superstar Serena Williams. Her so far best result at a Grand Slam tournament was the final of the US Open 2017, which she lost against her compatriot Sloane Stephens.

In the match against Keys, the favorite Pšenčíková had strongly struggling with the heat. At the level of 2: 5 In the first sentence, the world ranking had to take treatment break and measured the temperature and blood pressure. Keys was much fresher. In the summer I train in Orlando. I believe that in the summer is the hottest place in the world, she said.

Where is Peng Shuai? – Shirts now allowed

At the Australian Open, fans are now allowed to draw attention to the fate of the Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai with T-shirts. This told Tournament Chef Craig Tiles on Tuesday of the news agency AFP after the organizers of the first Grand Slam tournament of the year had fallen into explanatory notes because of their controversial handling.

On Sunday was a video on the internet, in which security forces hindered in Melbourne Park viewers, to support the Chinese tennis player T-shirts with the inscription Where is Peng Shuai? to wear. This had taken care of great excitement, tennis legend Martina Navratilova described the procedure as miserable.

The shirts are now allowed – as long as their carriers do not come as a mob, to disturb, but are peaceful, as THEIR said, If they come to look at tennis, that’s fine. But we can not allow that someone at the end of the day causes a disturbance. Still on Monday, Tennis Australia reaffirmed his attitude, not to allow banners, signs or garments commercially or political.

The worry about Peng Shuai is far big. The earlier double world ranking learning had reported sexual abuse by China’s ex-vice-primary minister Zhang Goal in November in a briefly accessible contribution in the Chinese short message service Weibo.

Her subsequent absence in public led to protests and demands of numerous prominent colleagues and institutions according to independently verifiable security guarantees for the athlete.


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Australian Open: today’s games

  • Ladies:
Player 1 Player 2 Result

Barbara Pšenčíková (4)

| Madison Keys (51) | 3: 6, 2: 6
Ashleigh Party (1) | Jessica Regular (21) | 6: 2, 6: 0

  • Men’s:
Player 1 Player 2 Result

Rafael Nadal (6)

| Denis Shapovalov (14) | 6: 3, 6: 4, 4: 6, 3: 6, 6: 4
Gael Mongols | Matteo Regretting | Now in the live ticker

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to kill a mud

Mud may be the most annoying enemy with which you have to deal with Rainbow Six Extraction. They are the love child of a trap and a normal enemy and serve only to prepare headaches the players. They are the running killer in the game and require some preparations to kill them. So you can kill a mud in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to kill a mud in Rainbow Six Extraction

Sludge scan be killed by shooting, like any other enemy in the game, including the crushing. It seems easy enough, but they do not just go down as they would like. These blobs tend to spawn on blankets and very unfavorable places. They even multiply if they suffer enough damage, causing an even greater confusion and becomes harder to be aimed at

Often they are spawned by a nest or a swarm of enemies. If that is the case, these enemies are attacked in any form when performing a sneaky TakeDown attack. You have to remove these most likely from the distance if you do not want to hurt yourself. Here are some ways to do this.

Use AOE Weapons (Area of ​​Effect) and Devices like explosives

Explosives are the most effective way to get rid of a muddy enemy. A properly placed explosion removes the mud without being split into other problems. It is a unique solution that could even turn off a few enemies nearby.


The only issue is that the Achaeans are attracted to the noise of the explosion when using an explosive. Always be ready to fight more enemies if you make a lot of noise.

Use shotguns up close

Shotguns are just as effective as the use of explosives, but require a little more precision. Since a shot fires several pellets, add more damage to mud, as they would die before they share. Not every operator will have a shotgun, let alone one that has enough firepower to kill mud.

If you use an oppressor attachment for a shotgun, there is a possibility that the total damage per ball is reduced. In this case, you have to come within reach, so your crosshair has about the same size as the sludge you want to kill. If you do not use any oppressor, you can increase your range between enemies, but make sure to alert more archives.

First eliminate all opponents nearby and then shoot

This is more of a method to spare you headaches than a quick way to kill sludge. These enemies are extremely slow, so it’s best to turn off any enemy that can quickly close the gap to them through projectiles or speed. As soon as you have done this, stop the source that produces more and more Achaeans, such as possible apexes and nests.

If you then eliminated all perceived visible threats, look up and around before you go to the next room. Use Any Enlightenment Tools to help you so that you do not suffer unnecessary damage by sludge at your dead angle.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC. A 2-hour trial is available for people who do not own the full version of the game.

God of War on PC repeats as the most effective sold by Heavy steam and accomplishes a landmark for PlayStation

Today, ten days since PC gamers can delight in God of War , the Santa Monica Blockbuster that, so much, was an exclusive PlayStation . The title premiered with a document of synchronized gamers in Heavy steam, as well as shut the week of its launch occupying, with just three days in the market, the top place on the checklist of the very best-selling.

After him, he duplicates Beast Seeker Rise once more, with the title of Cap com showing himself solid in the 2nd setting of the week he has actually ended up on January 23. It deserves to keep in mind likewise the excellent performance of appointments on the platform, having Dying Light 2 as well as Elder Ring as maximum backers, both appearing in between the first five place from the best-selling list. Next off, the Leading 10 complete.

is the initial game published by PlayStation that attains it yet we have actually just understood a brand-new Leading 10 representing one of the most effective games of the recently on the Valve system and, if we take notice of the accumulated information, we see not The classification has actually altered excessive. Attending to the number of income, God of War is the most effective marketed in Heavy steam for the second successive week , ending up being the initial video game published by PlayStation that accomplishes it. No one had actually done it before if we consider the titles released by Sony and also, in truth, according to the analyst Daniel Ahmad, is the exclusive that is the finest giving up after his arrival at PC.

Ideal offering the week in Steam

The Nordic adventure of Rates and Atreus enters search of the third consecutive week on top, something we will certainly see if it obtains in 7 days. Its pc launch is something that would certainly not have actually been accomplished without the stress of the developers, as it has identified Cory Barlow , supervisor and main backer of the game. In 3 DGames we were able to try it detailed, so we urge you to take an appearance at our God of War analysis on computer to recognize just how this brand-new platform feels among the most essential Sagas of PlayStation.

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The fight will return console and pc this year

Yes, you read, after taking a break the WWE 2K series will return this year. 2K Sports and Visual Concept decided that after the mediocre WWE 2K20 game, it was time to go back on the ring and run some acrobatics with WWE 2K22. It is with a revamping game engine, a staggering visual set up, new controls that the developers will try to charm you. Certainly, the coast will be rather difficult to go back since in the past the series has lost a lot of its brilliant. This year, 2K Sports hopes that the choice to opt for the Rey Mysterious legend will be a brilliant idea. The latter since his return to the WWE continues to vibrate the crowds by these acrobatics and his jumps from the top of the third rope.


  • 2K Showcase returns in this opus, with an accent on Rey Mysterious. Relive the greatest moments of his career in a mode enriched with new features.

  • My Ascension is always a very popular mode, since it allows you to create a wrestler and make it evolve in his career until the most prestigious chat leagues.

  • The creative tool has also been updated, allowing you to shape your wrestler with even more details. You can also create your championships, arenas, belts, entrance scenes, victory scenes, etc. The players will be able to share their creations, with for the first time a cross-platform sharing.

  • Universe mode allows you to participate in the WWE full calendar by participating in all the shows and PPV of the league. Take control of brands, live premium events, results of matches, rivalries, etc…

  • My faction will allow you to manage your dream faction as you intent in, in a mode supported by regular updates and weekly events.

  • My MG comes back again too. This mode allowing you to direct the league has been further improved. Manage the roster of the Superstars and the legends of the WWE, their contracts, decide the rivalries, put in place the tests of the championship… Take the reins of the league and make it the best entertainment possible.

This is an appointment on March 11 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. You can already pre-order the game that is offered in three options. Either a WWE 2K22 Cross-Gen Digital ” set, a ” WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition ” edition, and finally you can choose the mega edition ” WWE 2K22 TWO 4-LIFE Edition ”.

Call of Duty stays on PlayStation after Microsoft Deal, says Xbox

For all Call of Duty fans, who prefer to gamble on Sony consoles, there are now good news: The shooter will also appear on the PlayStation in the future according to a statement of the Xbox boss. Having known that Microsoft wants to buy the Publisher Activision Blizzard, fans have feared, the series could be reserved in the future of the Xbox.

COD remains on the PlayStation

It’s about it: Storing $70 billion should cost the acquisition of Activision Blizzard Microsoft. Of course, the question arises as the company will move with the purchased brands, including Call of Duty. So all franchises will be Xbox-exclusive in the future? No. As far as the popular shooter is concerned, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now found clear words.

Action against Activision Blizzard : Currently is a claim for discrimination against Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard for discrimination, sexual assaults and poor working conditions in progress. All information about the allegations of a few weeks ago can be found here, everything to the newer scandal around CEO Bobby Kick here. A comment by Gamer Editor-in-Chief Editor Rae Grimm regarding our reporting on the topic can be found here.

Spencer divides on Twitter:


I had good discussions this week with executives of Sony. I have confirmed that we have the intention of respecting all existing agreements also beyond the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and wish us that Call of Duty stays on the PlayStation. Sony is an important part of the industry, and we value our relationship.

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Here you can see a trailer for Season 1 Vocals of Duty Vanguard:

This remains true to the Xbox boss of his line. He had previously entrusted Bloomberg that he had no communities of Sony platforms wool. If the statement sounded a reasonably vague, now at least in terms of Call of Duty for fans there is certainty. What other brands are concerned, however, we still have to wait for concrete statements.

Molly no annual releases

Another interesting point is that the annual release interval of the franchise, according to a Bloomberg report, is currently knocked on meaningfulness. The article says high-ranking employees would consider stretching the periods of time.

The developers believe that the community was Gut tun, just after the weak start of Vanguard. In addition, longer development periods could relieve the team. However, this year, how Bloomberg, will most likely remain the old one.

We know that the purchase of A / B is a heat-discussed topic. We ask you to always be respectful and constructively discussed.

Marvel star about his return to MCU: “It was so fantastic!”

This year Marvel fans may look forward to starting She-Hulk Disney + . While Tatiana Malay will celebrate its MCU debut as a title of heroine, the comeback of known figures is attributable. This includes, among other things Mark Buffalo in the role of Bruce Banner Aka Hulk . However, there will be another MCU return .

Abomination returns to She-Hulk

There will be a reunion with abomination in the first season of the MCU series. And the responsible persons of Marvel Studios have managed to return Tim Roth for his role. Almost 14 years ago, the actor was seen in the incredible Hulk as an abomination. Last year Tim Roth already had a small guest appearance in Shang-Chi on the side of Wong.

What does Tim Roth say to his Marvel comeback?

Honestly, it totally surprised me. I talked to Kevin fig, and he said I have an idea. […] I was allowed to work with Mark Buffalo. Madness. I love him. And I do not know if I may say that… but this extraordinary woman, Tatiana… she is amazing. It was awesome.

What is it in She-Hulk?

In the last few weeks there were first rumors what the story of She-Hulk could turn. It is primarily about the introduction of Jennifer Walters (name of heroine) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . Among other things, the fourth wall is to be broken in the series. She-Hulk will speak directly with the viewer.


However, the future of Bruce Banner is apparently the focus of She-Hulk. Still, the series has no start date – but definitely goes in 2022. Coming soon, fans are allowed to look at Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac for the time being. Here is the start for the 30. March 2022 planned.

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