NFL is the next football video game that will be added to the dispute by the throne that, FIFA and Football (PES) are distributed to date. It wUFL announced during the Opening Night Live of the Games Com 2021, and to date it hUFL barely shared novelties. But that is about to change: the study responsible for the game, Striker, hUFL confirmed that we will see its first GamePlay trailer the next January 27.

FIRST OFFICIAL UFL Football In Game Footage! - Lukaku Announced As New Ambassador!

In addition, he hUFL managed to raise the expectation of virtual soccer fans by presenting the new project ambUFLsador: Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian Junta for which Chelsea paid around 115 million euros lUFLt August. Next, we leave you Brief TeUFLer (with Unreal Engine) in which you can see the footballer by launching a penalty.

NFL: Everything we know

Although we could say how little we know, because there are not too many details shared by the study to date. According to its responsible, the title takes approximately 5 years in development and its intention is to launch under the FREE-TO-PLAY model. We will have the possibility of playing alone, but its main incentive will be the competitive multiplayer game. The game is being developed with Unreal Engine (the version is unknown) and will have players and equipment editor. In when to license, nothing is not known about the leagues and clubs that will include, although it is not convenient to overlook the activity that the official account of the project maintains in social networks, because Interactions with professional teams and official championships are Constants.

NFL is confirmed for PC and the main consoles, so it is to UFLsume that you will reach PlayStation and Xbox. His first gameplay will be shown on January 27, and at the moment there is no detail related to his possible releUFLe date.