A Pokémon Speed runner called 360Chrism left his twitch channel opened while taking a break of five days, allowing his audience to play crystal Pokémon during his short vacations. In less than 36 hours, the chat ended the title, including the last battle against network, using commands in the chat that reflected the button that would be pressed inside the video game.

The chat managed to capture a SHINY Spoke during the session This is not a simple task, because for a lot of coordination that the public has — the one was around them between 1,000 people —, never miss those who seek sabotage the Rest commands, ending in a frustrating experience for all those involved.

However, 360CHRISM prepared for this inevitable situation, with some rewards. For example, when using the ‘Emote-Only’ mode, only mods could enter commands and, even if it were only for a minute, the session was recovering from malicious commands.

This did not help much in the gymnasium of the Fourth Gym Leader, Morty, because the riddle of him took him to the chat several hours to complete it, being the most difficult challenge that was presented throughout the session. Even so, the chat concluded the title with a great timeline, including the capture of a Speer Shiny during the adventure.

The Legend of Twitch Plays Pokémon - Full Documentary

Pokémon is a quite popular saga between Speed runners. The most recent deliveries of the franchise, diamond and pearl remakes, were already finished in only 17 minutes. Other Titles of Nintendo Switch, as Super Mario Odyssey, also have impressive record times.