[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Escape (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyundai) has been announced on the 24th that the Metropolitan Government Award

In the Secretary of the Minister of Employment (Ministry of Employment Labor (Ministry of Skiers), the Entire was recognized for the work that contributed to employment recovery through creating active jobs in the employment recession due to Corona 19.

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The jobs that have been implemented in 2009 will be subject to individuals and organizations such as companies, institutions, and universities that played a leading role in creating good jobs.

Expose was the game developer in 2017, and the first project ‘Grand Saga’ was released in January this year and entered Japan for the global market last November.

The number of workers recorded 500 people, as of June, as of June, achieving 121% employment growth in June this year, and a venture and start-up employment certificate selected by the Ministry of Corporate Bureau, and the top 10 companies have been named.

Park Seen Han’s general management support, he said, I am actively working to create an infinite challenge and innovation that an enemy of innovation, he said..

Meanwhile, Encamp Cell is also promoting a number of new projects in addition to the first project Grand Saga and the next work, ‘Throne Odyssey’. In August, he attracted a series B investment in a 1.1 trillion won, and has named Unicorn Company to a Unicorn Company on corporate value.