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As every day on the platform, twitch is responsible for BANNED (either fairly or unfair) different channels that do not meet the guidelines and laws dictated for the live service Do not be chaos and most streamers comply with having good behavior, although this may not sometimes happen (if we talk about Oslo and Darío). Well, something wonderful has occurred these days: The official Amazon Channel Prime Video of Spain has been Bane ado Officially Twitch, Platform that is the current owner.

The reason for the BAN has been for nakedness and inappropriate content, so it is likely that the prohibition is between one day and a week to be the first infraction. The reason in question has been quite obvious: one of the presenters, Hear Álvarez, scriptwriter and Spanish comic who has participated in different humor programs on both radio and television, threatened between laughter during the farewell to show a nipple to provoke the bank, since the program seemed that it was not going to end up and wanted to cut by health. Well, in a moment of lucidity, the filmmaker would make a close-up in a few milliseconds of this scene, causing this part of the body as prohibited by the streaming platform.

HASAN AND VAUSH BANNED - Destiny's Honest Opinion And Hot Takes

Obviously there has been no bad roll in the program, since it was the last program of the season, and they were not going to take their hands to the head. Even so, it is poetic that the official Amazon Channel Prime Video, who owns Twitch, has been banned by twitch itself by infringing the rules, a foot shot to full rule by the multinational, although it is true that The rules are the rules, and you have to fulfill them regardless of the channel it is.