Destiny 2 is for owners of the 30 years of Bungee -Jubiläums-DLC, the new dungeon maelstrom of greed is currently the highlight of the game. In addition to the best armor in the game he hides a treasure hunt with nasty traps and the flair of a great adventure which started 7 years ago.

As a fan of 3-player activities of the new dungeon is maelstrom of greed, the current highlight in Destiny 2. It is best if you explore the individual areas such as Space Indiana Jones himself. All dungeons in Destiny 2 anyway have their own unique charm.

The first dungeon, The Broken Throne was already a highlight. He is gloomy and dark, while he hides a story of loss and intrigue in the heart of Yersinia.
In Dungeon pit of heresy an pledges fate revealed. A crowd Knights of eternal damnation in the deepest moon-hole that has ever existed. The first jump into this depth, and you think: How far does it because please down?
The prophecy -Dungeon turn is the complete opposite. Neon colors, lots of sand and an environment that is reminiscent of the movie Tron. In addition, the cube mechanics of Nine are not for the faint stomachs.

The newest Destiny 2 Dungeon tells the story of the richest dead man in the world Wilhelm-7, which was brought from its pure greed basis. Destiny-1 veterans already know which allusion that could potentially arise.

7 years ago were from Destiny player to loot and levels and even then it was an arduous farm of items. And there were not as many activities as in the current Destiny 2. The drop rates for legendary items were low. Who had snatched a few engrams, had to leave this decrypt only when Master School?

But then someone discovered a cave at Balfour. The cave where the new dungeon is now playing.

Players frequently shoot for hours in a cave at that time From this small and inconspicuous cave flowed endlessly opponents and the constant in a spawn rate. They had only abgefrühstückt. But the best part was, they were also engrams fall. So instead of making strikes or play crucible Destiny-1 veterans took advantage of the exploit and frequently shoot for hours mindlessly for their loot and a better power-level, in a cave.

For the anniversary, Bungee has now designed a complete dungeon, which takes up the issue of the former Loot cave. It’s about incomparable gems that make blinded by greed. And Bungee has it can not take your way to the loot with some really nasty traps to be provided.

The Dungeon offers you many ways to bite the dust

Your spawn at Balfour, where already waiting for the first enemies. The entrance to the dungeon hidden in the old Loot cave and is almost invisible. Only one crystal at the back of the cave can be seen. But the hell can you not immediately enter without prejudice because many opponents as witches, Springer and acolytes storm out of the cave. Just as with the original Loot cave in Destiny first

Kill Your they mean fake engrams fall to the ground. The noise sounds like an Eros as the drop and the leaves each player pointy ears immediately. Greedy collecting all engrams from the floor, but there is no properly drop loot.

Instead, you get a rebuff with the telling name With wealth burdened. A really heavy burden and one will also first off not again. If the timer expires, explodes your guardian. Real mean.

The only way to extend the rebuff: more engrams! You must be possible and pick up every engram which you can get so greedy as humanly. No wonder that at the entrance a few Destiny-1 veterans had to grin.

Open the entrance in Loot cave

To open the secret entrance, you have the rebuff With wealth burdened get rid of it. Collects so only so many engrams as possible and then fight your way into the front Loot cave. In the rear area of ​​the cavity is a crystal on which the Rebuff can be deleted.

This mechanism will accompany you through the entire dungeon. You are now slaves of greed and must constantly fight about this urge somehow get rid of. One almost hears the developer in the off chuckling laugh.

After you’ve done this a few times, to an input in the Loot cave revealed. Now you can enter the dungeon.

Lore Message in a bottle of Wilhelm-7: In first gear can be found directly in a bottle of Wilhelm 7th He is once just been looking for endless treasures. The bottles you can collect and learn even more about its history. In total there are 12 Loreeinträge that need to find it. As a reward you get Hræsvelgr an ornament for the Gjallarhorn.

All Story in the Dungeon SO of greed : If you want to know where exactly all Lore entries can be found, you can watch the video from the LoreExperten Andy edition.

Your way through the dungeon is full of nasty falling

You are now under the Komodo. If you take the courses, you see several doors and have to decide. Chooses way!

Any guardian in Destiny 2 can not resist when activating is activating on a door. Click and — nothing happens. It is known in safety, but already the next step shows that is not that way. A clack and Zack! Later, one is peaked by sharp spikes. Really in common, if one overlooks such a kick trap on the ground.

You have to find the right way: In front of you have a big round door and about you also hide six round doors, which you can not enter yet. Pay attention to the signs, because they tell you partially, where one of the castles falling is hidden.

Behind the right door you can operate a lever, which first opens the big round door before you. Behind it is a long walk with a platform in the middle. Who jumps on it, finds out how fall doors feel. Who creates it, jumps to the other side where a lever is again activated. But instead of a mechanism one solves a falling flap and is crushed. AUA. Wrong lever.

The right lever is under the fall door. If you activate this lever, you will open the six round doors in the entrance area. So go back and jumps up.

Five of the round doors have the known printing plates and one is filled with debris. At the latest now every guardian has become more careful and has found: so small, square plates in the ground are evil.

Who does not pay attention, is shot out like a cannonball, just to stay with the head in the wall and to rock up and down as in a comic?

Overall, there are some interesting species in the dungeon so-called the greed. It is killed, shouldered, divided, shot, overrun or blown up into the air.

To avoid other types of death, take the very right plate in the local tube. It opens a way up and allows you to get to the next area. Be careful where you are adding! But also applies here.

Did you master that, you now come to a green area with two big and four small square doors? Here you can first operate a lever in the entrance area. Do not worry that does not explode, but only opens one of the square doors for you.

Which exactly, you will flash on the control panel over the lever.

Jump into, kills all enemies and is looking for the next control panel, which is usually in the rear area of ​​the room. You now have to repeat this step several times and open more of the rectangular doors.

The last lever is then a bit harder to find. For him, you have to jump into the upper floor. Through the window there you can now see that a chalk is spawned. In the entrance area, one of the large, square doors has also opened. Jump back and kills all opponents to get to the last lever. The opens the second big door on the opposite side where again opponents wait. Defeat them and goes through the right door to the next area.

In the silo room, the first secret Rootkits hides

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Once in the big silo you can see 4 doors that are closed by roller shutters. All are numbered 01, 02, 03 and 04. There are a few opponents, like witches you need to kill.

At number 01 you will find the first switch. Activated You open the roller shutter at number 03. After this principle, you can now open all the roller shutters.

However, number 04 can only be opened with a special mechanism. When the other goals are open, a plunder vandals appears. He drops a deflection weapon that you need now.

At Tor 04 is a fallen device that you would like to push it. It then supplies the gate with electricity and releases the way to the first encounter. This is also the second mechanics that holds this dungeon for you.

Do not forget the secret Rootkits: In the silo room then the first secret box hides. So before you go to the first encounter, you turn around and collects them. She stands right up between goal 03 and gate 04. Where to find exactly, you can see in the picture.

If you go on, you can expect a surprise of all Indiana Jones. Either you put on a Jewish grin and sends his team at this point or uses the side niches at the stairs.

The further way leads via a stack of boxes and a short jump passage to the first end boss.

First Encounter: Pry’HIA, the insatiable

So you defeat the huge Over: The BOSS is initially immune, so you can not harm any harm. You need both mechanics of the dungeon for the first encounter. The fake engrams and the rescue weapon.

The boss arena is divided into four areas. Links (1) and Rights (2) are roller tiles that can be opened by using the deflection weapon. To get them, spawns at the back of the room fallen (3), including a looter vandals that drops the weapon when kills.

In the front area is the crystal (4), which you already know from the entrance to the LoOt cave. So grab the deflection weapon and shoots one of the fallen devices left and right next to and over the rollers. It is always active only one page.

When the doors are open, you can kill the opponents in the room and collect the fake engrams. To start the damage phase, all Engrams always brings to the crystal until the shield of the Rogers breaks. Repeated until the boss is dead.

You need a total of 25 fake engrams until the Over loses its immunity and the damage phase begins.

This Loot awaits you: In the first encounter, the Arkus-Schrotflinte Matador 64 and the leg protection and the class article of the mandrel armor set drops. Who plays on grand master, also gets the special artful armor.

The artful armor is currently very popular with the keepers and for good reason.

Explosive Sparrow race against time

If you go on, a big hangar comes with a huge gate. To open the gate, you have to operate one of the two switches. However, as soon as the gate is open, it’s already going on.

Defuses mines, yes? In the strike Guardian of nothing is the mechanics similar. You have to defuse mines. However, these mines are far apart. So draw your sparrow and tell you the way. There are a total of 4 mines and each of them has a timer. If he runs before you call the mine, the entire field of use dies, and you start again in the Hangar.

On your way there are many fallen, which have nothing else in mind than you cast off the Sparrow. So that you have more time to get to the mines, Bungee has hidden on the racetrack several switches that can activate it.

Wherever you find this, we have marked you. The switches are sorted in the order in which you can leave them to extend the time again and again.

Two tips: With the Sparrow always in good time from the RAID, which you are currently at the monument of the lost lights, this passage goes a bit easier, as the enemies do not agree with the perk Turned Driving immediately. Or, if you are well in the heavy effort, you can also use this method to quickly take the mines.

Do not forget to open the secret Rootkits: At the end of the racetrack you can reach a big stone skull. If you have made the last passage with your Sparrow and are in the skull, jump up again. In his left eye sock, the second secret Rootkits hides.

Your way now leads you to a dark crystal cave. Anyone who arrives there is next to the huge crystal cavity below the Niece mine in Mexico, which houses crystals of up to 55 tonnes. It is called the cave of the sword and also bungee seemed to be inspired by it.

Second encounter: Destroy the fallen barrier

If you now leave the crystal cavity, you arrive in a huge underground cave. The fallen have built several accommodations here and in the middle is a kind of balloon, which is the entrance to the Boss Arena. Unfortunately, the entrance is blocked by a barrier, so you can not enter it initially. Your task is to pick up the barrier by destroying multiple energy couplings.

So that succeeds, you only need some explosives and the large, rotatable guns in this area.

You can shoot over the cannons in the Island area to island. So that you are activated, you need energy. So look back after one of the vandals that dropped an immersion weapon. Near each cannon is then also a fallen device that you can go to activate it.

Servitors are small ticking time bombs

Your goal is to find a servitor with a white shield. Then shoot to him. In one of the buildings is another one of the crystals. Since the servitor is immune, you must first be greedy and collect fake engrams. The opponents around the servitor drop enough of them when they die. Once you collect enough rebuffs from with wealth burdened and made on the crystal, the servitor loses its shield. Kill him and her gets an explosive and ticking time bomb.

Everything that ticks, should quickly get away: Your blasting cloth now rolls on the cannon platform. The cannon can then be aligned so that it is called one of the active energy couplings. After that, you only have to enable the cannon with the recessed weapon, and it flies to go purposefully.

Every hit destroys the barrier more. For complete collapse of the barrier you need a total of four hits.

This Loot awaits you: In the second encounter, the Marcus sword Hero of the Age and chest and arm protection of the thorn armor set drops. Who plays on grand master, also gets the special artful armor here.

Your Loot can be found on the middle platform after the barrier was destroyed. From there you can shoot directly in the Boss Arena.

Third Encounter: Defeat the Dungeon Boss Captain Dvorak

When you arrive in the Boss Arena, the crystal in the middle stops and a lonely fake engram that triggers the start of the encounter when you come to him too close. In addition, in the arena on the arches several fallen devices can be seen, which you would like to move alternately again here.

Now Captain Dvorak is spawning and brings many fallen-henchmen who constantly take you to the grain and tens again and again. Among them two strong opponents with yellow beams in the middle of the arena: the boatman Respray and a sniper sip called R-M80.

The mechanics from the previous encounters you need again. The boss is immune to damage as long as you, just like the Over in the first encounter, disabled his sign. However, the engrams do not drop from the opponents, but from the boxes on the wall. In addition, the boatman Respray drops additional fake engrams for collecting.

So you get the fake engrams: So look after the vandals with the interlocking weapon. This spawns again and again as soon as you have shot the deflection weapon empty or the weapon was not added in time.

As before, you can now punch the fallen device with the weapon. The bombardment opens the boxes on the walls and the fake engrams of killers in three areas of the arena. Collects as many as possible and give it in the middle of the crystal. The engrams explode after a few seconds. In addition, you should keep the regularly reconciling opponents in chess.

At some point the boss of temptation can no longer resist and teleports itself in the back part of the arena. Now you can do damages him. If you do enough damage in the first phase, you made the dungeon. Otherwise, you have to repeat this process so often until the boss blesses the time.

You have to give a total of 60 of these fake engrams on the crystal to break the shield of Captain Dvorak.

This Loot awaits you: In the boss-encounter you get the coveted handgun Yasmina and empty look a blank sniper rifle. At the mandrel armor set you also have the chance to get any part as a loot. Also, as artful armor in the difficulty grade Grand master.

The little Rambo is the secret star

The small sniper sip R-M80 and Miniboss in this last dungeon encounter is already cult. The players call him Rambo because his real name R-M80 is very similar. The little one is a ball sponge and has felt more life than the end boss. He also snips from every position on you.

Thus, you have discovered all the treasures in the new dungeon so-called the greed and determines the one or the other roomy way to bite into the grass.

What was made of Wilhelm-7- the first treasure hunter?

Well, Wilhelm-7 looked like her, with his team in the dungeon so-called greed to look for great loot treasures. They pour deeper and deeper and found more and more riches in the caves under the Komodo. So much Loot and her greed for more of it, grew into the immeasurable.

In the end, it has corrupted any guardian: They became angry, paranoid and finally brought each other. So only Wilhelm-7 remained. But he was already so crazy that he even killed his own mind because he believed he would also want to bring him to his, reality worthless, engrams. Wilhelm-7 died lonely on his wounds, surrounded by useless Loot. He had not stayed at him and until today his spirit cursed all who are trying to take him away from him.

The dungeon so-called of greed is one of the funniest activities for me, which can be played in Destiny 2. You just have to grin very often, especially if the next trap strikes again and a team member blown up, shot away, disassembled or again properly flattened. Schadenfreude is finally the most beautiful pleasure.

But not only that. The dungeon also has a secret message.

This is the secret message in the so-called of greed : It is not always the loot to hunt a guardian. Overall the greed is the message. Because sometimes the real treasure is just the fun with friends. And thanks to the many traps and fun encounter mechanics, it is especially funny in this Destiny 2 dungeon.

This is not the only place where you can see in Destiny 2 weird things:

Destiny 2 fulfills players a wish — unfortunately you want the ultimate evil

Do you also admire this ingenious implementation of a former exploit? How many times have it caught you? Which trap mechanics is best?