Cosplay awaken dreams to life. More specifically, they can bring characters from, for example, video games or films to life.

The Cosplayer Elena with the alias severe has made this with the all-way popular princess from the Nintendo Zelda games. It represents Zelda Rule Warriors detailed.

Zelda Cosplay from Rule Warriors

The Russian cosplayer Elena has recently released a photo of her Zelda Cosplay Reddit. In the picture she represents the elf princess itself, with its design from the Nintendo battle plate and the Zelda Spin-Off Rule Warriors.

Zelda shows up in the photo in profile, as if she were a portrait model. With her sword armed she looks hopefully in the distance.

The photo itself is decorated with beautiful ornaments, which opens the appearance of a royal portrait even more, which could also hang in her lock. The look similar to the Art Noumea is a little reminiscent of the Czech artist Alfons Much, which the photographer of the picture might imitate it.

Elena’s costume is detailed on which the warrior princess is based. From the crown to the sword, it looks like she just removed Zelda’s armor from the game. Here you can take a look at it yourself:

The Legend of Zelda Cosplay Pass the Brush Challenge

Cosplay is team work

When creating the cosplay, Elena proves that the art of cosplay can sometimes be a team thing.
The beautiful armor was made by the Prop manufacturers Gonzo bio and Babushka to be found on Instagram. Her Zelda faithful wig was made by vodka witch.

Your attention to detail is also shared by Zelda fans on Reddit. Your cosplay is celebrated under R / Cosplay and she gets a lot of praise for the complete work.

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Source: Reddit

Which cosplay do you want to see next?

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