Titanium Situation [Tartan FM: L] (Edge’s letters: titanium) stood for the first time in March 2014 as a multiplayer vanity shooter of Respawn Amusement distributed by Digital Arts and also created for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows. The video game has already received numerous video game awards prior to its publication. The Xbox 360 version was postponed to resolve mistakes on April 11, 2014.

After a brief delay, the new map of Call of Duty: War zone Finally it’s here. Instead of being excited, the community has been extremely dissatisfied with boiler to the point that several streamers and content creators have decided to completely leave this battle Royale, and instead, they will be focusing on other similar games.

One of them is Jack Courage Dunlop, streamer of cod and co-owner of the team 100 thieves. via twitter and the video we share here, the streamer He explained that he decided to uninstall War zone in favor of his mental health. However, others accuse him of leaving the game just when the new anti-trap system came out, ricochet.

Another of these streamers is Nickers, who has also left War zone Back due to the cheats and the new map of this game did not help to stay. This streamer will not leave War zone completely, but he said he will be giving him less coverage since now he will also focus on Apex Legends.

Warzone In SHAMBLES, Streamers PISSED

As I was saying before, the community is not happy with this map since, in addition to the previously mentioned problems, it also debuted with a huge amount of technical problems, which are present both in the pass and in the current generation of consoles.

Editor’s note: The truth is that, beyond the bugs, the structure of this new map is also terrible. There are more truck than ever, and the fact that having to be uploading valleys all the time it definitely does not help since there are almost always people waiting at the top ready to skate while you are climbing.