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LAB Corporation and KATAKANA Co., Ltd. are Magic × Idol Media Mix Project Laps Relight-The Idol in this World is Magic Using Magic From December 14, 2021, 2021 (Tuesday) Achieving the service of the game application for smartphones, and as the achievement benefit of the pre-registration campaign, we will distribute in-game items and digital content such as SSR or more Fixed Summon Tickets and 30 Summoned Tickets and Digital Content I knew that.

LAB Corporation (Head office: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director: Iowa Morita) and KATAKANA Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President, Representative Director: Kurosawa, Katakana ) Magic Magic Idol Media Mix Project Laps Relight-The Idol in this World is Magic ~ (hereinafter referred to as Laps Relight ), the game for smartphone from December 14 (Tuesday), December 14, 2021, We will notify you that we have started the app service.

In addition, as the achievement benefit of the pre-registration campaign, we will distribute free of charge for a limited time with SSR or more Fixed Summon Tickets (SP Summon Tickets) and SNS, such as SP Summon Tickets and SNS.

Laps Relight-Idol in this world can use magic ~ finally release today!

Laps Relight is a media mix project with Magic x Idol. Anime comic novels, including various media, such as the world, and while being the same view of the same view, a slightly different stories (parallel world) have been drawn.

The game Laps Relight-The Idol in this World is Magic ~, the player has a special power summoned to a different world, and as a visitor (Forerunner), the girls meet the girls called witches in this world.

A player who has been to spend at school as a teacher is a girl of a girl who is called witch that is similar to the idol, a girl who is similar to the idol witch, who is a girl who is similar to the idol, a witch It is a development RPG that will grow and grow with.

Pre-registrant breaks up to 150,000! A gorgeous reward for a pre-registered campaign is given!

Laps Relight-The world’s idol uses magic ~ Prior registrants have brought around 150,000. The following luxury benefits will be distributed free of charge for a limited time as a result of achieving the pre-registered campaign.

We will digitally distribute content that can be used as an item that can be obtained at the time of the first login.

Pre-registration campaign Achievement list list list

[In-game item]
· SSR or higher tax summoning ticket (SP summons ticket) 1 sheet
· Total summoning ticket 20 sheets
· Witch fostering set
· Witch presents set
· Weapon strengthening set
· 2 luxury decorative exchange tickets 2 sheets
· Cornerstone x 200 pieces (release commemorative additional present!)

[Digital content]
· SNS set
· Witch Bromide (Uniform Very)
· Witch Bromide (Stage Costume Very)
· Flora female academy special digital attendance book
· Witch bromide (private clothes very)
· Teacher licensee digital version

· Flora Women’s Gain Special Investment Book Clear File Present (※)
※ Flora Women’s Gain Special Investment Book Clear file is a distribution by lottery. December 17 (Fri) 23:59

Click here for details on various benefits information

Get the highest rarity witch! Release Memorial Summoned!

Release Memorial Summon

This event can be held at half price of the first 10th case summoning!
In addition, the number of summoning goes, the advantageous campaign with a variety of benefits.

Get a lot of witch cards at this opportunity ♪
Please check the information in the game for details.

introducing UR card

Download Laps Relight from here ◆ App Store (iOS version) ◆ Google Play (Android Version) /details?id=com.lab.laps

December 18 (Saturday) 19 o’clock start! 8 luxurious casts commemorate the release of the game and make decisions!

From 19:00 on December 18th, the game Laps Relight-idol of this world can use magic to use magic. The delivery of special programs has been decided.

Tiara Role of Tiara, Multi Multi, Ravi Role, Hoshino of Emilia, Hosting, Awake, Mitsuki Its, Garnet Role, Hiragana Samurai, Hi rose, Hi rose, Champ ache Eight of the Hausa Mining’s role of Miffed is scheduled to appear.

In this program, we will deliver various plans by the appearance, with a gratitude for a year to the teacher. In addition, new information will be announced on the day of the program. Looking forward to!

Program summary

[Program title]
Laps Le Light Grandpa Diego Flora Women’s Academy-Welcome! To Flora Women’s Academy! ~

[Delivery date]
December 18, 2021 (Sat) 19: 00- (planned)

[Performer (title abbreviation)]

Lights-Yuka Anzac (Tiara role) Multi Ravi (Ravi)
Iv Klore-Hoshino August (Emilia Role) Somizumi (a member) Okayama (Garnet role)
This flower is a maiden-Sakazaki Suzuki (Tobago)
Sugar Poketz-Hirose Senior (Chappell)
SUPERNOVA-Oku Miku (Miffed Role)

IBALITA ANG PAGLILIGTAS | December 14, 2021 @ 12NN PHT
[Program URL]
YouTube Live: HTTPS: //
Twitter Live: HTTPS: //
Nico Raw Broadcasting: Notice later than the official Twitter ♪

※ The performer and program contents may be changed without notice.
※ The game screen is under development.

Also, the game official site ( Game Official Twitter (lap staff) will inform you of various new information about the Laps Redraft game. Please look forward to future follow-up.

Laps Relight-The Idol in this World can use magic ~ Overview

Title: Laps Relight ~ The idol of this world can use magic ~ compatible OS: iOS 11.0 or later, Android TM 5.0 or later ※ Even if the above conditions are met, some terminals may not be available even if the above conditions are met. Genre: Development RPG ♪ Development start date: Distribution start date: Me-no-play price: Basic play Free (in-app charge) Official Twitter account: @LapisRelights Game Official Twitter account: lap staff official YouTube Channel: HTTPS: // Game Official Site: Abbreviation: Lair Copyright Notation: © 2017 Ballgames © Shenyang Corporation 2017 © Songhua Games [Download URL] ◆ App Store (iOS version) ◆ Google

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LAB (Club) Corporation

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