For Streamer Ludwig, the farewell of Twitch was not easy and the arrival at YouTube certainly not lighter: Nevertheless, he now explains that he’s more celebrating YouTube in spite of heavy starting difficulties than Twitch.

That’s why YouTube is better: Since the end of November, the former Twitch star Ludwig is part of Team Red Alias ​​YouTube Gaming. The spelling shaft, consisting of three short blockages, has survived and found its own fix. Now he’s better on YouTube than on Twitch, says Ludwig.

More spectators

Many new subscribers
Better statistics in terms of videos

YouTube is better in almost all points, but the better chat annoys

Ludwig gets 3rd BAN on Youtube and Tries to get Valkyrae Banned Too
On December 11, Ludwig uploaded a video on the side channel Mogul Mail. In this he talks about his initial time at YouTube. The first two weeks were characterized mainly by the temporary banns, which he could handle successfully.

Outside, he and his canal are better than ever before. He shows this on the basis of his social blade statistics that are not quite correct, but close to reality (via In addition, the streamer reports his fans, as he felt after the change from Twitch to YouTube:

According to the sunbath, I think, everyone knew that my numbers fall on Twitch. They are stumbled at about 18 to 20,000 spectators. (…) The first week on YouTube, however, was crazy! All my streams got around 30,000 spectators.

Ludwig in his video for change

Ludwig also shows pride that his calls and subscriptions are exploded at YouTube since he has changed the platform. A feature that he celebrates special is the video proposal at the end of each stream. His latest videos, according to him, now get around 30,000 calls more in the first few minutes after the upload.

Statistics before and after the change

Growth before: 10,000 new subscriptions per week
Growth after: 140,000 subscriptions per week
Views before: 6.500,000 per week
Calls after: 14.100,000 per week

What annoys Ludwig to YouTube? Even if Ludwig YouTube is in almost all matters for better, there are two features belonging to him. On the one hand, it is difficult to create RACE content because YouTube content ID system shuts off its stream immediately. The content ID algorithm searches for videos that uploaded other users and locks copies. This problem has got Ludwig but even under control.

The other entertaining feature is the chat of YouTube. Nerves Ludwig, as he works simply too well. In his video he explains that the chat is liquid like a waterfall, on the other hand, the twitch chat is like a clogged faucet.

Writing on Twitch Many users at the same time, the chat begins to be left. According to Ludwig, this has the advantage that Streamer can pitch messages in a full chat. On YouTube this is not possible due to the good optimization, too fast fly the messages through the stream chat.

Ludwig concludes that he wants from YouTube to give it a slow chat. But maybe the streamer in the future also takes care of yourself. He has done that with some other Twitch features (via