At the Hesse, it is very proud to have survived the group stage unbeaten as a table forest. Trainer Oliver Glaser talks about a fantastic European League season and stresses: It is not self-evident for Eintracht Frankfurt, among the best 16 clubs in the Europa League. I am proud of that. And I’m proud of it That we have grown as a team in the last weeks and months.

The coach wants to continue this development process in the new year. It will be helpful that the Contract is available more than two months with normal training weeks by entering the secondary finale, which takes place until March. In January and February, we finally have time in the weekly rhythm to train. This will be a very important phase for us in which we want to develop the team further. Then we realize that we also in the Bundesliga second half of it Want to get in the first round, Glaser sends a small fight announcement.

Gruppensieg! Sow schießt Eintracht Frankfurt ins Achtelfinale | Europa League
The mold curve points upwards

Currently, Frankfurt is at 18 meters, some should come to Christmas Eve. We are very poorly started in the Bundesliga, the coach admits — and is looking forward to the rising form curve: In the last few weeks, it was significantly better, we have struggled to the midfield. Until the winter we want many points Get to win the connection to the upper midfield. Similarly, it expresses sports board Markus Roche, who says with a view to the upcoming tasks, These are certainly not simple games, but we want to see that we can get as many points as possible. Thus, we can start against Leverkusen on Sunday to give a good starting position for the second half and have connection to the top.