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Star Wars Eclipse - Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Long has been speculated, which developers from Quantico Dream are currently working. Rumors suggested that the French may have a Star Wars project in making. On the Game Awards 2021 finally clarity was created. With an impressive CGI trailer, Quantico Dream announces in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games Star Wars: Eclipse. So far, the game is still in an early stage of development. Accordingly, statements on platforms or even a release period were not yet made. It is clear but that fans are looking forward to an adventure in the same style as the developers with previous projects such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human have shown.

The game is based during the newly created high-republic era, which plays about 200 years before the films and has been built up especially with novels and comics. During this time, you have experienced a complex story with several playable characters, their own views and moral exposures as well as the players of the player have to have a major impact on the course of action. No two game passes should be the same, the developers promise. The previously unused setting within the Star Wars Universe gives companies sufficiently freedom to introduce unseen places and species to the world.

The announcement trailer also reveals that like one or the other known place and character to face. For example, Master Yoda in the Council Chamber of the Jedi Order is to be seen on Coruscate. How many playable characters are in the end, is not known yet. Despite the highly branched story with a variety of ends, the adventure should become part of the official Star-Wars Canon. We are allowed to be curious how the story of Star Wars: Eclipse is linked to the books and comics. But in front of 2023 you do not need to expect the game but certainly.

Source: Quantico Dream Press Release

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10.12.2021 at 10:15