The change of the streamer Ludwig Dahlgren from Twitch to YouTube Gaming should actually be the beginning of a great success story. But the start in his new home was anything but smooth for Ludwig. He cashed in total within a few days three banns.

What happened?

The first spell was already in early December during a stream with up to 20,000 spectators. At that time it was a so-called Reaction Stream, in which he has looked at and responded together with his community older YouTube videos. For this purpose, it was a DMCA lock (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which takes place when you can see content on YouTube, for which the streamer has no rights.

Last weekend, two more banns followed for Ludwig, which seemed to be imposed on the same reason. The short-term locks were changed again during Reaction Streams.

How does Ludwig react to the banns?

At the beginning, the streamer took relatively relaxed and with humor. After his third spell, however, he makes himself a few thoughts, which he also recorded in a video. In it, he said, among other things:

Guys, we have a little problem here. (. 🙂 It seems to create real content. Oh no, guys, we are fired. (…) We have to find a solution. It can not be, it can not be that I have to create real content. I have to find out how I can claw the content of other people without being banned.

Ludwig Banned on YouTube 72 Hours After Twitch Switch

What sounds very thirty at first, has a certain background. Such Reaction Streams or Reaction Videos are very popular. Therefore, many streamer rushes to this category to attract many viewers in a relatively simple way. But with YouTube, the rules are obviously significantly stricter than Twitch.

Awful, the banns for Ludwig were not yet. They led only for the demolition of the current stream, but had so far no more far-reaching consequences.

Source: YouTube

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08.12.2021 at 09:30