Hallo: The Master Chief Collection is a remaster of first-person shooting video games from the Halo Saga for the Xbox One console, which went on sale in the United States on November 11, 2014, as well as in Europe on November 14 of the very same year. It consists of Halo 1 Fight Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 with its full multiplayer modes with additional material. However, additionally in 2014, Halo 3 DST was included as settlement for errors in the matchmaking that the collection brought at the beginning. All games obtained visuals renovations for its launch, but Halo 2 was appointed high definition as in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. The computer game includes accessibility to the series in actual picture called Halo: Nightfall, in addition to access to Halo Multiplayer Beta 5: Guardians, which was offered for a limited time. On March 12, 2019, it was introduced for PC as well as December 3 of the very same year, the collection was launched for Windows 10 on the Steam system. Initially consisted of only Halo Reach, yet the other video games would come as they were announced. Presently the collection is total in Windows 10 with: Halo Reach, Halo Fight Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Wedding anniversary Halo 3, Halo 3 DST and Halo 4.

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A reboot in the spirit should be, but also a true successor — and by far the largest game from the entire series. With Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has made a lot done so much, you can not count all the tremors anymore. That it comes with a new engine that it comes to the basis for all new halo games in the next ten years, here is only mentioned on the edge. What can go wrong! And indeed: Halo Infinite has his problems, not every fan will be happy. Nevertheless, the credits made us back with a good feeling: Halo Infinite has many strengths, shines with great action and makes great desire for a successor, which is undoubtedly already in progress. Because so much is safe: the reclaimer saga is far from over. In our spoiler-free test, we clarify what Halo Infinite picks up from his predecessors, making it so funny — and where still wishes remain open.

Note: Here you read our test for the single game campaign of Halo Infinite (Buy Now €126,83). Our extensive multi-play test to Halo Infinite can be found here. A test video is also in progress and will be published shortly. Until then, here you will find our extensive hands-on video from the first day hours.

Many questions, little answers

With Halo 5, although 343 had a strong shooter delivered, but many fans were just disappointed by the story: the Master Chief accepted a sideline, Cortana’s Boxer sensing change was barely comprehensible, and the finale fell unsatisfactory. Hallo Infinite should now judge everything, but that only succeeds in part. In fact, the story is fully tailored to the Master Chief, his (guilt) feelings for Cortana are even in the center of the action. However, 343 does not create it at all to get newcomers in the boat: important events are mentioned only in passing, a database or a what-hitherto showed video at the beginning is not only. So nice the staging may be: Who Halo and his Lore does not know, understand only station here. And the end raises more questions than answered, Halo 7 waves around the corner.
Hallo Infinite in the test Source: PC Games This time it takes the Master Chief to the huge, half-destroy Zeta Halo. You spend almost the entire game on the gigantic ring construction, alone, there are tens of memories of the first halo awake. The Promethean do not role here anymore, including the Alliance is one of the old iron. Instead, the banned (known from Halo Wars 2) have their great appearance. But here, too, new question marks are on: Where is the leader Matrix suddenly, who is the mysterious vitamin and what goals are pursuing them, what has Cortana to do with alleys and what has happened since Halo 5 ever? Some of these questions are answered late, partly in longer dialogue scenes, sometimes only in audiology that can be collected in the game world. After the strongly staged entry, the developers go sparingly with exciting script events and exciting intermediate sequences, since we had hoped for more. Most story slobs are rather in the fact that you set your new, sympathetic I companion into a terminal, where you are giving serious comments, while in the depths of the Halo’s new secrets. In between, the leader of the banished manifested several times, but only as a hologram, which throws the chief a few threats to the head and then grinning again. This game is repeating too often and makes it easy for the time.
Hallo Infinite in the test Source: PC Games An absolute bright spot is the stormy pilot, which accompanies you through the adventure: Although he is rarely seen after the fabulous intro, his emotional performances form a strong contrast to the Stoisch-Cool Master Chief and earth the story in the right moments. The sophisticated facial expressions and the professional language edition really pays off. Too bad that these scenes are so rare and the pilot remains the exception — there are not too many minor characters.

Halo without limits

In stuff Story, Halo Infinite remains behind the expectations, but the gameplay looks better: As soon as your Zeta Halo has reached, the entire game world is open, and you can decide what you want to do next. Freedom of liberty is fantastic, but also the design of the game world arouses wonderful memories of the first halo: The organic landscapes are interspersed by gigantic constructions and columns, on the horizon, the ring stands in the sky, during one in the abyss the emptiness of the universe opposite. There is hardly any unnatural limits, only if you are traveling with an aircraft, whistles the game sometime unsafely back. Despite all the freedoms, however, a linear story with a solid mission sequence awaits you, only this time with the opportunity to explore the game world in between.
Hallo Infinite in the test Source: PC Games Unfortunately, the main missions usually only lead to towers or underground buildings, which are often frightening similarly: The metallic glossy gears are strongly reminiscent of the monotonous indoor areas from Halo 1 — that may be authentic, feels authentic But often after Copy & Paste. Also, not so nice: several times you have to survive short boss fights in which you will be locked up with your opponent in a narrow room. Some of them are okay, others less — especially the final fight has annoyed us a bit. At least however, the checkpoints are so fairly set that there is no real frustration here.
Hallo Infinite in the test Source: PC Games

Do not expect a roleplaying game

Halo Infinite's Open World Works? | PC Gamer Discussion

With its pretty day and night change, a credible noise and numerous wildlife, the game world is really atmospheric, but also surprisingly empty. For example, there are no NPCs around, who had to tell Cool secondary stories — and although the Halo is actually full of UNSC outpost, even Spartans have stopped there. Why do not use the potential for a few thrilling side quests or at least a schnitzel hunt? That would have fit so well! The only soldiers we meet on the way are the same X-arbitrary fighters that automatically support us as well as in the first halo, but have zero relevance to history. Also, there is no right secrets away from the story, just here and there a few artifacts from the bloodvaterry, but only a short audio note. That’s astonishingly little. But you should not forget: Halo Infinite is not a roleplaying game, it is not even a Far Cry — the chic game world should ultimately be no more than a stage on which it burns a rich action firework.
Hallo Infinite in the test Source: PC Games

Action SALT: It plays so good

And just here Halo Infinite can correctly score: whether on the game pad or with mouse and keyboard, the firefights go quickly, precisely and scary satisfactorily from the hand. You feel like a superhero, when plowing through the enemy lines, spells explosive canisters in opponents, distributed headshots, grenades throws and in passing another elite ramming the rifle piston into the visage as if it were the most natural in the world. Since the Chief can race and climb again and the Level design offers tens of vertical elements, much more dynamic, more fluid and crisp battles are created than in former halo games from the bungee era. But it is also clear: Whoever misses this feel of then, Halo Infinite may feel too fast and hectic — but we had a lot of fun with it. Due to the Open World Design, you often have the choice as you would like to approach: attack a distance with the sniper rifle? Or with the shotgun in the stop the enemy base storm? Or why not grab a vehicle and thus ensure wonderful chaos? Mostly you can play as it pleases you — at least to you the ammunition goes out and forced to cover you with other weapons. Because the Master Chief can still bear only two creaking at the same time.
Hallo Infinite in the test Source: PC Games There are only a few new opponents types and also on the ancient enemies has hardly done anything, but a momentum of fresh creaking still ensures the necessary variety. Unlike in the multiplayer, almost every weapon is worth and useful here, with the BR75 combat gun clearly represents the best mix of firepower and precision. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look in the zeal of the battle for the right weapon: some opponents wear shields, here are energy weapons valuable. And vehicles are best dealt with the rocket launcher or the new, heavy skewer arrow Allen from the Banished Arsenal. Fearlessly, there is an environmental scanner that highlights your weapons and ammunition crates nearby.

The thing has a hook

Hallo Infinite in the test Source: PC Games When the equipment is 343 again new ways after some mechanics from Halo 4 and 5 caused criticism: the Master Chief can still race, climb and slit across the ground, but have the sub nozzles — at least as standard equipment — sentient. For this you now have a gripping hook from the beginning, and turns off quickly as the secret star of Halo Infinite. With the thing you might clad at almost any surface and roughen, so you can climb huge facades or mountains jerk UK, if you want it. This is so outrageously practical that even normal jump and will eventually run annoying — with the gripping hook you just travel faster.

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