Alexander Overlain (Moscow, Russia RSFS, Soviet Union, September 17, 1985), He is a professional Russian ice hockey gamer. He plays in the far left setting as well as presently counts at the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Alex Ovechkin Rips It Over The Shoulder Of Daniil Tarasov For 750th Career NHL Goal

Superstar Alexander Overlain from the Washington Capitals has reached the next career milestone in the NHL. The 36-year-old scored his 750th gate in the NHL at 3: 1 against the Columbus Blue Jackets and now belongs to an military club. The Russian scored the meantime 2: 0. Previously, this number had only recorded recorders Wayne Gretzky (894 Goals), Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe (801) and the Czech superstar Armor Jar (766) achieved. Articles and videos about the topic All games of Del live in magenta sport — also in the conference At the end of July, Overlain had signed a new contract over five years until the end of the season 2025/26. The wing door, which has been continuously for the capital since 2005 and led it as a captain to the Stanley Cup in 2018, continues to see the Eternal record of Gretzky.