The Mainz TV channel Info radiates an Oscar-winning five-piece documentary about the former football star O.J. Simpson out. On December 14th (11:15 clock) the first episode runs ( I’m not black, I’m O.J.! ), In it, the beginning of Simpsons career is illuminated.

The series of the American film producer and film director EZRA Edupon revolves around the entire life of Orenthal James Simpson, who became NFL superstar in the 1970s and later gained sad celebrity because of the process for the murder of his ex-wife (1994). Unforgotten is the pursuit of the US television between Simpson and the police.

How OJ Simpson Got Away With It - Documentary
The former professional athlete was acquitted in the index process, despite considerable doubts about his innocence — he later landed in prison. In 2008, the fallen Simpsons hero was sentenced to a 33-year-old prison sentence because of an armed robbery in a hotel in Las Vegas. In 2017, he left the Love lock Correctional Center in Nevada prematurely on probation.