Since its publication eight years ago, Data 2 has become one of the largest Mob games in the Esport Arena. One reason for the great success is of course the addictive gameplay and the fact that you have much more access to in-game content than in most other free games, but there are also the 122 playable heroes with their own unique background stories.

There is a lot to tell about Data 2, and it’s a funny world in which you can lose. If she has already addressed this side of the game, you may be happy to hear that Data 2: The Comics Collection is now 30% cheaper in the last of the Cyber ​​Monday Amazon offers (and 26% off in the UK).

This collection, which was created in collaboration between Valve and Dark Horse, combines eight first-class comics in printed form for the first time. This is an opportunity to dive deeper into the best Data 2 heroes and give them an insight into the origin of the antique and the world around them.

If you start to buy gifts for the Christmas season and know someone who absolutely loves Data 2, then this could be a perfect gift for you. Since Valve was involved directly in the creation of these comics, you know that it will remain faithful to the source material and not one of these connection media, which take great freedoms with the canonical tradition.

Dota 2 - The New Neighbors
What makes this collection even more attractive is the fact that the different outputs use different art styles. Various artists have interpreted the Terran level in different ways and awarded each of the comics a distinctive feeling and a distinctive personality.

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