If you return to WOW after a long break with patch 9.2, thanks to the catch-up equipment, gains a quick entry into the Shadow lands update. Similar to patch 9.1, objects produced over time of the craftsman can be provided, which automatically increase the item level of the object. With times the craftsman Rank 4 even an item can be upgraded to the counter level 262.

In addition to upgrading for the armor, there are also new optional reagents, which add new interesting skills of your equipment.

Table of contents

  1. 1Catch-up Gear for 9.2 – 233 items
  2. 2With by the craftsman 262 items Crafted
  3. 3NEUE Optional reagents

Catch-up-Gear for 9.2 – 233 items

With the normal painting of the craftsman, Shadow lands equipment parts of manufacturing occupations can be brought to level 233. For this you need fewer materials than in Patch 9.1, but new resources from Earth Morris: First Flower (Alchemy), Proscenium Ore (blacksmith’s art, engineering, jewel loops), Photogenic Pelt (leather processing) and Silken Prokofiev (Schneider).

with times of craftsman 262 items Crafted

Manufacturing professions can make a new time of the craftsman, which can be used once in the created equipment.

Alchemy: Crater’s Mark of the First Ones
Blacksmith art: Crater’s Mark of the First Ones
Engineering: Crater’s Mark of the First Ones
Jewel loops: Crater’s Mark of the First Ones
Leather working: Crater’s Mark of the First Ones
Schneider: Crater’s Mark of the First Ones

New optional reagents

The new optional reagents in WOW (Buy Now €14.99) Patch 9.2 Hot progenitor Enhancements (German name OCH unknown). These can be made with the called alchemy, enchantment art, engineering art and jewel loops. As usual, these items can be added to the items of the Shadow lands produced by professions.


Infusion: Corpse Purification Chance to Acquire Additional Resources from Corpses.
Sustaining Armor Polish Increases The Duration of Flasks, Elixirs, And Food Buffs.

Enchantment art

Cosmic Protease Increases Avoidance and Sometimes Heals When Taking Damage.
Magically Regulated Automa Core Chance to Spawn at Automa Core Which Explodes for Damage and Healing.


Erratic Genesis Matrix Being Struck by Enemy Builds Electrical Sparks. AT 5 Stacks, The Circuitry Shorts and Lashes Out.
Pure-Air Sail Extensions Increases Movement Speed ​​and Mount Speed ​​While in The Shadow lands.

Catch-up Gear in Patch 9.1 and How to Upgrade it to 233
Jewel loops

Devoured Essence Stone Slaying Enemies Increases Your Highest Secondary Stat For A Letter Moment, Stacking Up to 10 Times.
Ephemera Harmonizing Stone Chance to Harmonize Ephemera, Granting Primary Stat When Acquired.

Are you looking forward to a simple catch-up-gear for your twink army, or do you currently have no interest in patch 9.2 of Shadow lands? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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