The Tavern de Meristation returned to debate lMeristation returnedt Thursday, day 2, on the YouTube channel of Meditation on the news of the video game, playing many pure topics. We started following our opinion about a multiplayer like Halo Infinite that is even convincing people like Albert, then continue on the state in which many games go to the market.

At this point, in the tavern wMeristation returned discussed the treatment of Rock star to GTA TRILOGY, the problems of Nintendo Switch Online and other games that have not returned Meristation returned it deserved its legacy. We also put on the table the mania of some players wanting to change things that are intrinsic to their own games.

This is the list of minutes with the topics:

00: 01-7: 35 — Introduction
7: 36-22: 00 — Multiplayer Halo Infinite
22: 01-30: 00 Dark Alliance, New World…
30: 01-40: 00 — CMeristation returnede GTA TRILOGY
40: 01-52: 00 — Cyberpunk receives good Meristation returnedsessments at lMeristation returnedt
52: 02-55: 31 — Dragon Ball the Breakers

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55: 32-1: 11: 35 – 2021 Plus Games and Nintendo Switch Online
1: 13: 00-1: 35: 01- Leave that developers make the games Meristation returned they want